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Summer 2009

Marketing ESSAY on DUREX

Table of Contents :
I-) The Marketing Macro environment of Durex :
A)The Demographical and cultural environment
B)Social Factors
C)The political Factors
D)Economical Factors
II-) The Marketing Micro environment of Durex :
A)Intensity of competitive Rivalry
B)Threat of new entrants
C)Threat of substitute products or services
D)Bargaining power of customer’s
E)Bargaining power of suppliers
IV-) The Marketing Mix
A)Communication Strategy
B)Products and Prices
C)Distribution strategy
V-) Critics

Student number : 1226399


Summer 2009

Marketing ESSAY on DUREX

Introduction :
Since the late 1920s, DUREX label operates in

the United

Kingdom all around the world and its reputation is large and global. The brand dominates the world market with more than 30 % of the market share in the world and 80 % in the United Kingdom. Generally, Durex is seen as a trusted brand that provides wellness and pleasure to its users. Indeed, it has recently expanded its range of products for the prevention against STDs to a line of product intended to fulfill users. The history dates back to 1915 DUREX with the birth of the London Rubber Company. With a little less than a century of experience, the brand is nowadays one of the most famous in the world.

The term DUREX includes three essential qualities that are
Durability (durability), Reliability (reliability) and Excellence (excellence). This level of quality justify Durex’s reputation. marked by technical progress that justifies its reputation.
This analysis will show how did Durex became the specialist of sexual well being and operates a change in the meaning of the product. From a constraint to source of orgasm, Durex’s condoms have won the promixity of their customers. The first step will be to analyze the environment in which durex operates how it does influence the Brand. Secondly, we will analyze Durex in itself, showing the marketing mix.

Student number 1226399


Summer 2009

Marketing ESSAY on DUREX

Figure 1 : Durex has a leading position in 16 countries

I-) The Marketing Macro environment of
A) Demographical and cultural environment:
The discovery of AIDS in the early 80’s had a strong influence on the sale of condoms because it is the only way to protect from getting infected. This is mostly why the sale of condoms has increased a lot in the early 90’s. (Slack,2010)

According to the world AIDS organization in 2013, 20% of the youth in Europe are not scared by AIDs and 13% of them think AIDs can be cured. This data demonstrates that HIV is not really a factor that can still influence the increase in condoms sale. The real factor that motivates the purchase of condoms for the youth is the fear of unwanted pregnancy. And in this field, condoms are not the only effective way. Hence, Durex must find other way to attract customers. (Walder, 2007) Many young people continue to engage themselves in risky sexual behavior while properly informed of the risks. The main reason is that Student number : 1226399


Summer 2009

Marketing ESSAY on DUREX

they do not know anyone who is infected because of the lack of social visibility of the disease. (Hatcher, Trussel, Nelson, 2007)
Condoms do not only protect from HIV but also from other viruses such as Hepatitis B. Brand need to be very creative to find new strategy to target the new generation.
- The Sexual Revolution:
The sexual revolution is a movement that has been started in the 60’s and which continues its evolution even today. It is essentially marked by the sexual emancipation of women, the affirmation of equality and the acceptance of sex outside of marriage and of traditional heterosexual relationships. (Escoffier,2012)

The sexual...

References: Hence, Durex must find other way to attract customers. (Walder, 2007)
Many young people continue to engage themselves in risky sexual
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