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Topics: Advertising, Fashion, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Tutorial Report
Oscar Oscar Salons
Written by Hannah Hearn and Whitney Hedges

An Introduction to Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar Salons is a small chain of Australian, up market, award winning hair salons; the business has been operating for over two decades. Based around Australia, Oscar Oscar has nine concept salons all of which offer the same prestige services. The salons fit-out and decor, which generally has the same feel to it and image in all of the business’s luxurious stores, is just as highly regarded as the business’s services. Oscar Oscar projects sophistication, simplicity, a luxurious ambience and is extremely modern, just as its staff and clientele.

Target Market
Oscar Oscar has a highly respectable reputation, so therefore it only seems natural that it’s target market and current clientele mirror this image. The salon aims for a sophisticated target market that is image conscious yet willing to openly share their creativity and passion with the team of professionals employed. To break it down further, listed below are descriptive, in depth profiles on the two ideal Oscar Oscar clients: 1. She is extremely professional and dedicated to her high earning highly regarded career. She is somewhat thirty-five and living with her partner whom is also in a high-income bracket. They live in an inner-city suburb in a polished, modern home. She enjoys spending money on things that satisfy her on an egotistic level and wears designer clothing and shoes. She drives a Mercedes and is most likely to visit an Oscar and Oscar salon on a Friday night after she finishes work or during a lunch break during her working week as she enjoys spending time with her husband on the weekend. 2. She is young, studying, working, and has a flair for creativity and individuality. Although she keeps herself busy, in between working on assignments, and deciding on her next outfit for the weekend, she always has time to make sure her hair is just as fashionable and up to...
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