Durex Proposed Strategy

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Priority 1: High CostThe cost of producing condom is high since the prices of rubber are instable in the marketplace. | Priority 2: Government advertisement restriction Condom involve sensitive issue among the sexual issue, hence a lot of country tend to ban the advertising of condom.| Priority 3: Machinery innovationTechnology considered as the strategic issue because of Durex should improve it in order to made their condom product more productivity| Priority 4: Variety of condomThe variety of condom considered as the success factor of Durex. Therefore, Durex should concern this factor as their competitive advantage. |


Variety of condom
In general, Durex condom has been label as the world quality of the finest condom. Hence, the unique competitive advantage leads the Durex brand name among worldwide. However, nowadays condom marketplace consider competitive than previous generation, there are certain brand begin invade market share of Durex condom, such as Japan brand which is 007, Playboy etc. Besides that, Durex condom packaging considered as outdated compare to the others condom brand. The packaging of Durex condom seemingly do not following the lifestyle of consumers, because it is not creative and attractive to attract potential customers.

As the result, there are three recommended option for Durex in order to reinforce the Durex condom product quality.

Option 1: Change packaging
As mentioned, the packaging of Durex condom considered outdated in marketplace. Therefore, it needs to re-package in order to attract more consumers to purchase Durex condom product since nowadays package of product are considered as “5-Sec of advertisement”. Durex believes that re-package the condom product would add new value towards Durex condom. Option 2: Add-value

Durex condoms merely have a function, which is prevent pregnant. Nowadays people looking forward the product usage, hence we would recommend...
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