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Challenge is opportunity

In recent business field, figuring out the problems that companies are facing in the following years are necessary to promote business growth. For Stella’s bakery, there are three main challenges we need to overcome, extending communities, finding cheaper way to get eastern baking skills, and attract more aged groups. If these problems solved, Stella’s is confident to become the most successful bakery in Rockville area.

With the economy developing and living standard improving, people have a strong requirement for better desserts. There are many chains or private bakeries in America. Ordinary bakeries always have some disadvantages in multiple aspects like, if the ingredients are fresh or not or they do not have special taste to attract customers in a competitive commerce. As to Stella’s history, background, and reputation if we overcome the following problems we will become the best bakery in this area. We absolutely have a good opportunity to capture the market, at least around the Maryland area. First, the biggest problem we are facing is how to extend the community to let most races become our customers, especially Asian. Secondly, Stella’s has a professional team, but they always concentrate on European style. We cannot spend more money to hire several bakers to bake eastern desserts. Finally, based on the recent sales situation, the primary customers are in their middle ages. Becoming a popular bakery for all ages must be one of our goals. As a member of Stella’s, I am responsible to find the best way to solve these challenges.

Dessert is usually the sweetest course that concludes a meal. The food that composes the dessert course includes, but is not limited to, sweet foods. Desserts were first made using natural ingredients that were locally available. In ancient civilizations, people enjoyed dried fruits, honeycomb, or nuts.. Dried fruits, honeycomb, and nuts were considered the first candies. When sugar began to be manufactured in the Middle Ages, more sweet desserts became available. Even then, sugar was so expensive; usually only the wealthy could indulge on special occasions. However, now people are all able to enjoy it. In recent years, there is a wide variety of desserts in western cultures now including cakes, cookies, biscuits, gelatins, pastries, ice creams, pies, pudding, and candies. Fruit is also commonly found in dessert courses because of its natural sweetness. Additionally, at such a developed world there are not only western desserts. Many different cultures have their own variations of similar desserts around the world. So in such a diversified society, humoring most races’ tastes results in leading the market in the bakery field. (Durand, Halle. "Desserts first." Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2009.) In Rockville, Maryland, there are mostly Asians. According to research about Rockville City, Maryland Statistics and Demographics, “White’s population is 32120 (67.78%), Black or African American 4317 (9.11%), American Indian and Alaska Native 160(0.34%), and Asian 7030 (14.83%). Asian consisted of Asian Indian 984 (2.08%), Chinese 2888 (6.09%), Filipino 592 (1.25%), Japanese 565 (1.19%), Korean971 (2.05%), Vietnamese 316 (0.67%) and Other Asian 714 (1.51%)”. (Coll, Suan. "Rockville: Rational survey ." Simon & Schuster. 2005) People are intrigued by desserts not only for its taste and beautiful and delicate presentation, but also for its implicit time-honored tradition and culture. Consequently, Stella’s should add eastern style to attract a variety of race customers in order to extend its customer community. In Maryland, the most western bakeries just attract American and European. There has some statistics in a new report posted last year, Berger’s Cookies has 93.7% customers of American and European, the percent of Raimondi's Florist is 91.6%, Desserts by Rita is 91.2%, and The Cake Connection has a huge number is 97.5%. On the other hand, for...
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