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K Girls Tasty Treats Marketing Plan
Keller Graduate School of Management – Online MM522
February 2011

Final Draft

Executive Summary
K Girls Tasty Treats is a locally based, family owned bakery that will create, bake, and customize scrumptious and healthy homemade baked goods with delivery service to the greater Sacramento area. The company mission statement is:

K Girls Tasty Treats will provide top quality desserts at affordable prices, with dazzling world class customer service, (with a smile), reliability, and a guarentee of freshness – always.

K Girls Tasty Treats will become the go-to vendor of choice for consumers in the greater Sacramento area for scrumptious and healthy homemade baked goods with optional delivery or sit-down service. K Girls Tasty Treats will determine the target market for their products based on market segmentation and average household income. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be indentified so that planning and preparations can be made to address each individual issue and opportunity before it arises. As a new business, it is imperative that K Girls Tasty Treats has identified the current weaknesses and threats which could potentially cause problems or be a threat to the overall success of the business.

Identifying the specific target market is a crucial step in any marketing plan. The first step is to identify the problem, and then secondly illustrate how the proposed product or service will solve this problem for consumers. It must be easily identifiable so that the target market can clearly understand how the product and service would be beneficial. At the end of the day, K Girls Tasty Treats wants to be the answer to their customers’ every want and need.

In any industry there will always be competition and substitutes, but as the saying goes, imitation might be sincere, but there is nothing like the real McCoy. There are several competitors on both a local and national level; but none offer the same range of tantalizing baked treats at the same affordable prices with convenient delivery service. K Girls Tasty Treats plans on eliminating the competition by offering superior quality baked goods, and becoming an important part of the local communities by supporting local community and school events on a monthly basis.

These days consumers are more price conscious than ever. In the state of California, unemployment has held consistently at record-high levels, and with the internet boom came the globalization of businesses worldwide. Consumers now have the knowledge and savvy to go online and compare prices across the board for the same product and/or service. K Girls Tasty Treats will address these issues head-on by offering fair and affordable prices on all products and delivery services.

Channels of product distribution are just as important as things like identifying a target market or determining the price of a product. Without a reliable way to get the product from the point of production to the consumer, any business would fail. When including a delivery service in the overall service package to consumers, there are several factors to consider. Additional operating expenses, manpower, and vehicular facilities requirements must be considered.

In order to be successful, K Girls Tasty Treats must advertise and work on public relations in the target market areas. Utilizing many forms of advertising, such as radio spots, television commercials, newspaper ads, and by participating in community events; K Girls Tasty Treats hopes to create brand recognition relatively quickly in local markets. These different advertising components are an expensive investment to make. But at the same time essential to the success of the business. Therefore it is imperative to plan and budget in order to accommodate...

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