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Course Syllabus
Course Information
(course number, course title, term, any specific section title)

Organizational Behavior Management, .Tue (C413)4,5,6 /Thur (C408) 7,8,9

Professor Contact Information
(Professor’s name, phone number, email, office location, office hours, other information)

Dr. Chris Adalikwu, Phone Number 010-7658-2050, akwa22000@yahoo.com __________________________________________________________________________-----Course Pre-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions (including required prior knowledge or skills)

Consult University and Business Administration guidelines
Required Textbooks and Materials
 Robbins/Judge, OB, 16e, Global Edition, Pearson Publishers. Suggested Course Materials

Course Description
In this course we will cover some concepts and theories related to management and organizational behavior. The field of organizational behavior or OB, as we generally call it, is the study of human behavior within organizations. That is, what people think, how they feel, why they think, feel and act in a certain way. If we can find answers to the above questions then we can exercise better control over human behavior and channelize it towards a more efficient and effective functioning of the organization. In this course we will study individuals singularly, as well as in the form of teams and groups, and try to get an understanding of individual characteristics and group dynamics that shape individual attitudes and behaviors. In addition, we will also talk about some system level components like, organizational culture and major management functions. The main idea behind this course is to equip students with the knowledge to understand, predict and control human behavior and help their current or future organizations in becoming more efficient and effective managers

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

understand human behavior better and apply the knowledge to real life business problems. d differentiate between common sense and research based theory related to organizational behavior and apply the knowledge and concepts to real life situations.

individual learning, attitudes, values, motivation, group behaviors, leadership, management functions and organizational culture.
organizational behavior.
er understanding of themselves through self-assessment and self-reflection.

Assignments & Academic Calendar
(Topics, Reading Assignments, Due Dates, Exam Dates)
Table 1 Course Schedule



Topics, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines



Topics, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines


Learning Methodology
ng techniques in this course. There will be
power-point slides that will be provided to the students, there will self-assessment assignments given to students so that they get to know their own selves better. In addition there will be links provided to videos for audio-visual learning on certain topics. There will be class discussions on several topics almost every week and students will also be required to review additional resources like Bloomberg Business Week, Wall Street Journal, etc. In my role as an instructor, I will try my best to guide you and facilitate the learning process by creating a class environment that is open, communicative, and respectful with adequate and timely feedback to students.

Classroom Protocols
-ups: All assignments are due at the appointed day, date and time. If your assignment is not submitted on time, it is considered late and you receive a “0” for that assignment. If you are not able to submit an assignment on time due to a good reason, please discuss that reason with me before hand. Students are encouraged to maintain a perfect pace with the class and submit their work on time. No late assignments will be accepted for grading. However, in certain cases some extra time can be allowed based on excused absences with proper documentation. See below for a...
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