Business Environment

Topics: Economic system, Organization, Management Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: February 27, 2013
select a business organisation based in UK and iddentify the type of this particular organisation and its purpose,including its vision and mission.based on your selected organisation.(please select NEXT Plc)

a)carry out a stakeholder analysis of this organisation.describe the extent to which this organization can meet the objectives of different stakeholders.

b)explain the various responsibilities of this organisation and strategies which can be employed to meet those responsibilities

c)describe fiscal and monetary policy of UK.assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on this particular organisation and its activities

d)what are the current competition policies and other regulatory mechanism in place on the activities of this business organisation? evaluate the impact of these policies and mechanisms on the business organisation. e)describe the different types of market structures.explain how market structures determine the pricing and output decisions of this business(add about next plc) f)illustrate how the market forces shape organisational responses by using relevant examples for each case(add next plc) g)based on the above analysis and your understanding on cultural environment , critically evaluate how these environments would influence the behavior of your selected business organization

part 2

write an eassy on international trade , addressing the following

*first,describe what is meant by an economic system? explain how economic systems attemt to allocate resources effectively.out of the three main economic systems you have learnt ,identify to which economic system UK economy fall in. * a discussion of the significance of international trade to uk business organisations

*an analysis of the impact of global factors on UK business organisation

*an evaluation of the impact of policies of the European union on UK business organisations
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