Business Communication Trends

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Douglas E. Williams
February 15, 2010
Bryan Spearman

“Mr. Watson come here I need you” Alexander G. Bell said during his famous phone call to his assistant. Mr. Bell not only invented the telephone he develop a trend in business communication. Business communication trends change as society changes and some current trends in business communication will be discussed throughout this paper. The trends discussed will answer the following three questions. What role does business communication play in day to day activities? What trends can be found in the workplace? What message types have resulted because of these communication trends?

What role does business communication play in day to day activities at work? How does it help manage daily work activities? In today’s business world there are ten (10) current trends that can cause business communication to change at an alarmingly fast rate. Some of these trends are; technology, focus on quality and customers’ needs, entrepreneurship, teamwork, diversity, globalization and outsourcing, legal and ethical concerns, balancing work and family, job flexibility and rapid rate of change (Locker/Kienzler, 2008).

Today in the business world communication is one of the most important factors in determining if a business is going to be successful or not.   Good communication information must be shared among all co-workers.   If the communication is not shared among all the co-workers, then that is when the company infrastructure starts to fail.  Two examples of failed communication are the Challenger Space Shuttle and the Mars Climate Orbiter disasters suffered by NASA. When a business has good communication a strong relationship can be developed between co-workers, subordinates, supervisors, peers and even vendors.   A business depending on good communication is understandable, but how does it help manage daily activities? Business communication can help manage...

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