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Instant Messaging

online. Saying they cannot appreciate a nice conversation, or a good book is just a wild claim. Internet, brings more harm than good Yes because...No because... Since the nineties, instant messaging and emailing has been used to extract passwords, bank account ... Since the nineties, instant messaging and emailing has been used to extract passwords, bank account details or credit card numbers. This phenomenon is called phishing. A phisher uses professional-looking websites and profiles...

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Instant Messaging and Family

let me ask you one question.. When you talk to a "friend" on Facebook, or text them, or use instant messaging, you can talk about, pretty much anything right? Well what about in face-to-face contact. Would that change anything? You might say no, but don't lie to yourself. We (including myself) have attached this "false emotional content" into our devices. We say things through texting/Instant messaging that we can't say in person, which gives us a sense of excitement. So of course, you get addicted...

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Instant Messaging Management Trend Brief

Instant Messaging Management Trend brief Prepared By : XXXX XXXXX Last Update : December 03, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 3 2 PROS 3 3 CONS 4 4 MITIGATION 5 5 Summary 6 6 REFERENCES 6 INTRODUCTION Instant Messaging (IM) is a technology that allows instant communication between employees and customers in the workplace. It can be utilized to improve the efficiency of communication...

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Pros and Cons of Instant Messaging

| Pros and Cons of Instant Messaging and Texting Communication is the “exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behaviour”, and technology is “A body of knowledge used to create tools, develop skills, and extract or collect materials” – taken from Answers.com. In the 21st century, people have been faced with problems from wide-spread diseases, to natural disasters changing the lives of people in an instant, now, people may be faced with...

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Instant Messaging

great deal different from 20 years ago, Technology, more and more is becoming a vital asset in our everyday lives. Some people have become so dependent upon their computer, that without it they feel lost and unable to communicate with others. Instant messaging has become a very beneficial and convenient form of communication worldwide. First, there is no doubt that the Internet has changed the way we communicate. For many of us, e-mail has virtually replaced traditional letters and even telephone...

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Instant Messaging: Emotionless Conversation

and you no longer have to connect with someone on a physical, or even mental basis. Long distance communication, without even opening your mouth is possible with instant messaging: a direct conversation between 2 people. This new method of conversation allows certain confrontational and otherwise unspeakable things to be said with no instant physical or material repercussions. The great thing about the Internet is that it is still a brand new interface for communication. Written communications have...

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Learning Team Charter Analysis

groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization” (Technology, 2011, p. 1). Many technologies are used in learning teams in today’s society, we will discuss two of them. These technologies tools are teleconferencing and instant messaging. Teleconference is virtual, and a person can be anywhere in the world. Teleconferencing can be by Internet, phone, e-mail, or camera like Skype. Teleconferencing for a group project in an academic setting is contingent upon the observance...

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COR109 Essay

Count: 1011 Tutor: Electronic communication plays vast roles in the way individuals communicate in today’s society, this has created a significant change to the quality of interpersonal communication. Using instant text messaging as a channel of communication detracts from the quality of interpersonal communication as it eliminates important components conveyed through face-to-face communication. Eye contact, body movements and facial expressions are all important...

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Ethics and Communication

business today. Have these technological advances created a new breed of easily distracted, inefficient employees? Are employees cheating their own corporations out of time, money, and overall productivity? Many agree that the advent of email, instant messaging, and the world-wide-web have created an easy way for employees to take unnoticed and unregulated personal breaks throughout the work day. Beyond the lack of productivity created by these employees, this type of behavior also has the potential...

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How to Write a Memo

courteous o Be professional o Avoid abusive, angry email messages Benefits of instant messaging • Increased speed of communication • Collaboration by multiple users in different locations • A more “personal” link than email • Allows multitasking Challenges of instant messaging • Lost productivity • Employee abuse • Distraction • Security issues Techniques for successful instant messaging • Choose the correct communication channel – use IM for speed and convenience. ...

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Sba Office Administration

and provide means for users to interact over the Internet such as e-mail and instant messaging Three (3) Social Networking Services available on the internet * GooglePlus * FetLife * Blank Planet Six(6) Features of the Social Networking Services above Google Plus * Messenger is a feature available to android, iphone and SMS devices for communicating through instant messaging within Circles * Instant Upload is specific to mobile devices; it stores photos or videos in a private...

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Marketing Online Visual Consultant

that utilize social engines such as Facebook, Skype or Instant Messaging to communicate with loved ones across the country. One of the biggest responsibilities is to be a successful online image consultant as the job expectations is to deploy the good image of Google products in a persuasive way. Through this venture, the deliverables of the job function will leverage the emerging technological concepts of wikis, podcasts, instant messaging, blogs, and virtual sites to get the product across. ...

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Technology: Consuming Our Lives?

rely on its existence to get through our day. It has become a necessity instead of a benefit, that many find trouble tearing away from. Next thing you know, elementary children will be seen surfing the Web on their cell phones during recess or instant messaging each other from a few feet away. This problem has become so severe that the International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies has warned, “Some people are definitely hurting themselves by their addiction to computers and cyberspace. When...

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reassembled into the original message. • List and describe the principal Internet services. A client computer connecting to the Internet has access to a variety of services. These services include e-mail, electronic discussion groups, chatting and instant messaging, Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and the Web. E-mail: E-mail enables messages to be exchanged from computer to computer, with capabilities for routing messages to multiple recipients, forwarding messages, and attaching text documents...

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Sales Promotion

customer, with advertising techniques that can include Cell Phone Text messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online display ads, fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, and outdoor advertising. Direct marketing is a channel-agnostic form of advertising that allows business and nonprofits organizations to communicate straight to the fliers,...

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Case Study on Communicating with the Millennials

drastic marked decline in face-to-face communication. In addition, increases in the dependency of verbal and written communication, such as text messaging and instant messaging are now through the use of electronic devices for that “real-time” information. In like manner, the ease of assertion and the spread of interactive communication methods such as instant messengers and video conferencing have increased the volume of communications, but reduce the average length of statements in conversations....

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that is intended to harm others. Cyber-bullying is bullying which uses e-technology as a means of victimizing others. It is the use of an Internet service or mobile technologies – such as e-mail, chat room discussion groups, instant messaging, Webpages or SMS (text messaging) – with the intention of harming another person. Examples include communications that seek to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down or humiliate the recipient. Cyber-bullying definition by The National Crime Prevention...

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Office Automation

suite or an external software package. A large trend in today's businesses is the use of instant messaging utilities. IBM created an instant messaging application called "Same Time" which is installed on every IBM employee's machine. Each employee has a username which is registered on the "Same Time" network and can be used to communicate in real time with numerous participants at once. The instant messaging utility allows software engineers, developers and field technicians to communicate without...

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Social Media in Sa

2011). Instant Messaging Instant messaging is a non-verbal communication medium. Also known as IM, it enables users to communicate via the internet, usually by means of text. This is a real-time application that typically alerts a user when a message has been received (Webopedia, 2013). Examples are: Blackberry Messaging, Facebook Messaging, Mxit, Whatsapp, Google+, Facebook,Twitter, Youtube,Linkedin and Myspace. Blackberry Messaging Blackberry messaging is an instant messaging service offered...

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Sex Offenders on the Internet

Sex Offenders: On the Internet and On the Prowl It is incredible how much the world has changed. The internet has forever altered the way education has been taught, instant messaging has made communication faster and more efficient, and webcams have even brought far away relatives right into America’s living room. I’m proud of America, and I’m proud that we are forever inventing and improving. But with every new invention, comes flaws. Sadly, one of the most inventive and resourceful gadgets...

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ISOM chap 2 study guide

Discuss Internet communications, including client-based and web-based email, instant and text messaging, social networking, blogs, microblogs, webcasts, podcasts, and wikis. Internet Communication: most popular internet activity Client Based: most common; apple mail or Microsoft outlook Web-Based Email: transmission of electronic messages over the internet Instant Messaging: quick messaging through internet Text Messaging: used form mobile devices Social Networking: ex:Facebook, twitter, instagram ...

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Collaboration Tools for Virtual Teams

• Discussion Forums/Bulletin Boards: Moderated web applications that allow registered users to discuss topics at their leisure. They are described by Violino (2007) as central clearinghouses for sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources. • Instant Messaging (IM): A type of real-time online text-based chat between two or more people. IM conversations can include video conferencing, voice over internet, and file sharing. • Podcasts: Podcasts are recorded digital media files (audio and video) distributed...

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Social Media's Important Role

text messaging, social media sites, or email communication. Even my grandparents in their 80’s enjoy the benefits of cell phones and emails. Online networking is a great way to find new jobs, meet prospects, and help businesses grow. The internet has made it easier for businesses to communicate with customers, and for the customers to communicate with the businesses. Customer feedback to businesses online whether positive or negative is greatly encouraged. Social media allows for instant communication...

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Mobile Phone

 Tuesday 6th January 2015 1. Mobile phones Alarm Skyping/ video calling Taking videos and pictures Instant and social messaging Internet and GPS 2. Portable devices such as, netbooks, laptops and PDAs Useable for business Internet Instant and social media/ messaging PDAs – telephone and faxing Location and Navigator 3. Email and instant messaging Communication Sending files/ documents Check inbox and sort use and junk emails Advertising WhatsApp 4. The internet Downloading and uploading...

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English Essays

show, word and report have to be used to get my message and research out. As well as saving my work to a USB flash and my work done through power point. QUESTIONS 1. What kind of e-communication technology is used mostly? 2. What type of instant messaging do people mostly use? 3. How many people thinks social network is safe to use? 4. How many people thinks social network is not safe to use? 5. No. of people who say that people get bullied via social network? 6. No. of people that thinks...

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Social Networking

networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are all different, yet the one main feature they have is that they enable users to create a profile within the website to represent themselves and allows users to interact through email, instant messaging and other communication channels within the site. The popularity and growth of social networking sites over the past years has been massive, as many people from all over the world join the social phenomenon for varied reasons. Today, there are...

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Technology: Can We Live Without It??

“You’ve got mail!“ Or nowadays people have the latest hit song as their messaging tone. Technology has come a long way over the past twenty years. The Internet and technology have advanced tremendously and with cell phones turning into “smartphones.” It seems people today just have it made with the world at their fingertips. The question arises: are people really using technology and the new advances that come along almost everyday the right way? Also, what kind of impact does technology had on human...

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Has the Use of Computers Improved the Quality of Life for Teenagers?

networking sites help teens keep in contact, but instant messaging on computers have also been very useful for communication. Everybody was once a fan of emailing, but since instant messaging has become an option, teens have realized it is so much faster. Instant messaging is a split second way to communicate with friends. Some may say that teens have lost communication skills because of the computer, but teens are now communicating everyday. Instant messaging helps teens talk to their friends anytime they...

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Social Media Research Report

communities to perform good interaction with the environment. For instance, the society can share similar interests, like a passion for photography, basketball, tennis, chess, and television shows. Social media connects people through sites, blogs, instant messaging, and webpage’s. The media always thrive to improve the lives of people by making sure that things are done accurately and at a fast pace for resources to be delivered on time (Jones 2006: Internet source). Global economy is the state in which...

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you can find new attendees. Mobile Marketing/Microblogging/Instant & Text Message Marketing: The popularity of microblogging services such as Twitter is booming. These services combine blogging features with instant messaging and text messaging to create an entirely new and mobile communication vehicle. Designed with Internet connected mobile phones in mind, people can subscribe to your content and get your posts as text messages, instant messages, or they can just read your posts on the Web. These...

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Digital Communication

telegram; messages were been send and delivered with the help of someone. This prevents privacy as there are the chances of the content of the telegram known to the person helping in the sending and delivering the message unlike an email or instant messaging where there is privacy of information. Messages sent are guaranteed privacy unless information such as password is been shared. Traditional communication leaves not much room for communication to be available to distance and outside world. As...

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Twenty First Century Learner

same time. This includes, but is not limited to, a telephone conversation (not texting), a company board meeting, a chat room event and instant messaging. Asynchronous communication does not require that all parties involved in the communication to be present at the same time. Some examples are e-mail messages, discussion boards, blogging, and text messaging over cell phones. In distance (specifically online) education asynchronous communication is the major (sometimes the only) method of...

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Internet Marketing

Table of Contents Declaration ii 1. Social media advertising effectiveness... (full title) 1 1.1 Internet usage in SA 1 1.2 Social media 1 1.3 Instant messaging (social networks for Facebook) 1 1.4 Facebook 1 1.5 Advertising/marketing communications on Facebook 1 1.6 Current research on Facebook 1 1.7 Generation Z 1 1.8 Hierarchy response models...

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Role of Language in the Internet and the effect of the Internet on Language

The Internet is one of the most remarkable things human beings have ever made. With the past few decades, internet has become so popular and it is an integral part of our daily lives. Email, instant messaging and chat are rapidly replacing the conventional forms of correspondence, and the Web has become the first port of call for both information enquiry and leisure activity. How is this affecting language? There is a widespread view that as ‘technospeak’ comes to rule, standards will be lost...

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Workplace Communication Comparison

(internet). Or it can be technical and provide company policies online for an employee (intranet), or data for vendors (extranet). Other Other methods of written communications could be electronic, for instance instant messaging and social media. Technical and Expository Although instant messaging and social media would normally be considered technical because its’ informal and short, but with social media, you are attempting to convince someone to follow you and your comments online, or to click on a...

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Effective Online Communication

Effective online commnication | Effective Online Communication | E-mail Etiquette | | Jerryetta Dawson | 1/20/2013 | There is always controversy in using email and instant messaging in personal and professional domains. The Professional Standards of email are very outlined and easy to adhere to. | Readers Pet Peeves “The rules of email etiquette are not "rules" in the sense that I will come after you if you don't follow them. They are guidelines that help avoid mistakes… and...

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should companies embrace internal social networks?

social media continues to grow, these tools continue to be poorly deployed and adopted, to the detriment of all. < This source is from: Chuck (2013)> The most common enterprise social media tools are instant messaging and streaming audio or video: • 76% of organizations have instant messaging • 75% of organizations have blogs • 70% of organizations have discussion forums • 67% of organizations have wikis • 67% of organizations have user commenting However, while many organizations have piloted...

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Research Paper- Social Networking

you can see his or her background and personal information, his/her social links, and a variety of additional services. Most social network services are web-based and provide means for users to interact over the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks. The main types of social networking services are those that contain connection with friends and a recommendation system to...

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It/205 Week 4 Internet and Technology

Laudon, 2011). Customers purchasing dirt bikes, parts, or supplies or companies selling dirt bikes will also have access to different parts of the intranet. Benefits of Using The Internet and Technology At Dirt Bikes E-mail and Instant messaging is another way for employees at Dirt Bikes to communicate with other businesses and market their business. If the correct email address is typed in there is less chance of the information getting loss or misplaced. E-mails are less expensive...

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Case Study - Aol/Time Warner

product (Oster 79). The network effects associated with AOL's Instant Messaging service are a large part of why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) imposed an order ruling that AOL Time Warner make Instant Messenger available to users with Internet service providers other than AOL (Bird and Faulhaber, p.2). Loyal Instant Messenger customers may be more likely to purchase AOL as their Internet service provider, knowing that the Instant Messenger service comes as part of the AOL package. Therefore...

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How Does Social Networking Affect People’s Lives?

which would help me if I go to university. I also want to find out whether social networking does influence people’s lives and how. The internet is a global network of computers that allow you to go on things like social networking sites, instant messaging sites, and factual sites and so on. The internet originally started with the name ARPAnet, it was created by the US government to use as a defence mechanism for the cold war in the 1960s. Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn developed TCP/IP, ’A Protocol...

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Is Technology Always Beneficial?

significant family members, such as their grandparents. For example in my family my grandmother will not use any new technology because in her opinion, the cost is too high. My brother does not ever talk to her, because he is always busy on MSN instant messaging or Facebook, and will not take the time to make a phone call to my grandmother – thus their relationship is damaged due to a lack of communication. Relationships between family members are not the only ones impacted by technology. Websites such...

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Deterioration of the English Language

be deteriorating more and more each day. So many examples can be given to justify this observation. Three different writers have pointed out some examples of the butchering of the language. Martha Brokenbrough states that the constant use of instant messaging jargon and internetism can certainly be a good way to reshape the way we communicate. At the same time she writes it can also affect the way we communicate properly and professionally. Author, George Orwell, speaks about how we have developed...

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Uhf Radio and Pc Interace

cumbersome. Wireless network solutions offer to all computer users in the widest meanings the freedom to be productive from any roaming location, and no more only from inside the computer room, their office or the ham shack. With the evolution of instant messaging softwares and the proliferation of the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), communication from one point to any point of the world became cheaper and is still dropping as the technology advances. VoIP has made significant advances in the communication...

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Impact of Modern Mass Media on Family Communication

Impact of Modern Mass Media on Family Communication Affects Of the Internet on Family Dynamics American society is changing rapidly. Individuals do not speak to one another. They use text messaging via cell phone, instant messaging, or the internet to communicate to one another. This new style of computer-mediated communication has taken its toll on the traditional American family. Teens are no longer interested face-to-face communication with family members, resulting in a disconnection...

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The Shallows Essay

manually and over the phone as well. Now traders use instant messaging and online trading platforms to conduct business, which makes it more efficient but at the same time is completely different than earlier business. Instant messaging allows me to be more productive when dealing with counterparties because you can be dealing with multiple customers at one time, rather than picking up the phone and talking to each one. At the same time instant messaging is a distraction in the sense of customers knowing...

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Health Care Communications Methods

name a few. Technology has raised the use of electronic communication methods which has in turn has paved the way for new kinds of social media communication methods. Electronic channels of communication include emails, text messaging, EMRs, two-way radios, instant messaging, overhead audio announcements and video conferencing among many other portable devices. Social media channels include newspapers, television broadcasting, online networking, advertisements, webcasts, and social media websites...

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Online Social Network

typically involves leaving "comments," although sites employ various labels for this feature. In addition, SNSs often have a private messaging feature similar to webmail. While both private messages and comments are popular on most of the major SNSs, they are not universally available. Not all social network sites began as such. QQ started as a Chinese instant messaging service, LunarStorm as a community site, Cyworld as a Korean discussion forum tool, and Skyrock (formerly Skyblog) was a French blogging...

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School speech

it? The term chat room, or chatroom, is primarily used by mass media to describe any form of synchronous conferencing, occasionally even asynchronous conferencing. The term can thus mean any technology ranging from real-time online chat over instant messaging and online forums to fully immersive graphical social environments. How does it work? To make use of a chat room you must have an internet connection and you must be prepared to fill out your details. Advantages When a chat room is well-monitored...

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customers? Communication between companies is much better now than in the past especially this great improvement in the last ten years and the reason for that is the introduction of new communication channels, i.e. the Internet, mobile phones, instant messaging etc. So, it has definitely improved communication and become a two-way channel between customers but there are definitely scope of improving communication in terms of timeliness of the communication and giving more control to the customers so...

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Impact of New Media in Music Industry

venture with an Internet superstore to sell their CDs at a discounted price. They could also create their own Internet store. The traditional record labels could design web sites that offer customer services such as chat rooms, artist information, instant messaging and a variety of others. The Internet store should continue to offer a wide variety of music at a lower cost to attract the greatest number of customers. Production Product innovation and technological advancements are also driving forces...

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Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography

have their own type of comfort zone to prey on people that they don’t even know. In most cases, that’s what happens; they are men that prey on women or little children that they meet online through today’s networks such as Myspace, Facebook, Instant Messaging, and others just like these websites. There are many studies that show interest in Internet Dating and the courtship of dating period. The articles and resources are as follows: 1) The Self- Advertisement Approach to Dating: Male/Female Differences;...

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Collaboration and Innovation at Procter & Gamble Case Study

shared t be able to make informed decisions. ii. - P&amp;G use a suite of Microsoft products such as MS Outlook, MS SharePoint and others that have unified communication and integrate services through voice and data transmissions and allow for instant messaging, email and electronic conferences, web conferencing with live meeting, and content management. - P&amp;G use social networking innovations -P&amp;G uses blogs instead of emails that are open to anyone interested in their content and attract...

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Using Technology to Improve Business Communication

com This article discusses how communication can be key when it comes to keeping all workers in the loop. As it is mentioned, a ‘what’s new’ section on the company website can keep everyone up-to-date with what’s going on with the company. Instant messaging programs can help communicate important information or instructions quickly and efficiently. It can also update coworkers and supervisors of an employee’s status, whether they are in a meeting, at their desk, or out of the office. Email is still...

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How does communication device helps students in their studies

conferencing, emails and more. With just the click of a mouse a person can be connected to someone who is in another city or even halfway across the world. Distance is erased within seconds and spatial boundaries have come crashing down due to instant messaging services. For a student, information such as the student details, notes, documents and etc. can be transferred instantly from anywhere with the help of internet. Besides that, students can also leave short messages or notification to others...

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Client Needs and Services Paper

way individuals communicate and deliver services to clients within human services. According to Woodside, 2011 E-mail, Instant Messaging and Text Messaging are all ways that providers share information and files relating to clients, whether they are in the same building or across the state. Instant Messaging or IM is communication between computer to computer and text messaging is communication between cell phones. Both methods allow professionals to communicate with their clients instantaneously...

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Facebook and It's Effects on Friendships

are wrong. Some people argue that Facebook significantly reduces the amount of time spent on chatting with people face to face thus making the only medium of conversation between people Facebook. I believe that this is wrong. I think that Instant Messaging a.k.a. IM takes out most of the pleasure of talking face to face. One can’t kick a person’s leg under the chair if he says something bad, one can’t see that happy expression on someone’s face when he hears that he won the lottery(that’s replaced...

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Global Digital Economy - The Rapidly Evolving E-Commerce and M-Commerce Markets

and Asia Pacific. Examples of key insights: Mass market m-commerce is slowly coming to fruition. There appears to be a direct correlation between the frequency of mobile internet use and the use of advanced internet services such as mobile instant messaging, email and social networking. Consumer willingness to seek cheaper and broader retail options is a driver behind both the growth of e-commerce and m-commerce. Global m-commerce sales are expected to reach around $120 billion globally in 2015...

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Social Networking on Facebook

registered user of the popular social networking site. In addition, Computer Mediated Communication is communication that occurs via computer technology. CMC includes participating in chat room discussions, instant messaging, email, virtual teams, virtual communities, and voice activated messaging. CMC is also an excellent way to participate in social networking. Social networking is an important part of everyday life that assists people in planning and cultivating business, social contacts, and personal...

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Bullying Is No Longer Just on the Playground

negative reaction from the victim for fun. If a reaction is not accomplished the cyber-bully often stops the harassment. “The accidental bully” may not realize they are a bully. This type of cyber-bully may forward a joke, chain letter, or a negative instant message to a friend just joking. This bully reacts without thinking about the feelings or opinions of their friend. The friend could be upset or offended by the email or joke. Who do cyber-bullies target? It is said that middle school and high school...

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