Btec PE Coursework

Topics: Logo, Coca-Cola, Graphic design Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: February 10, 2014
2A – Reviewing Graphics

Name of GraphicApple Logo

Purpose of the graphicThis graphic has been used to help people remember the company, and have something that enables them to know what company the graphic is being used to represent, the picture of the Apple has been chosen as it corresponds with the name of the company, this means when someone sees the name Apple they immediately refer to the Apple logo, due to apples being healthy this infers that the customer should purchase an apple product as it may be good for them. Who is the intended audience?The intended audience of “Apple” is people that just by products for the sake of brand name, although the apples products may be overpriced, they do offer a superior hardware and even a user interface. The apple brand name has now become a trend, and is seen as fashion accessories which may be one of the reasons many people purchase them.

Features of digital products?
TextThere is no text used in this bitmap therefore I can’t comment on the size or clarity of the text. CompositionThe shape outline is in front of the actual image which gives the image a 3D effect, the bitmap does not have any text therefore I can’t comment on the text aspect of this bitmap.

Use of colour and textureThe texture which has been used is effective as it goes from light to dark; also the shape outline is in front of the actual image which gives a 3D effect. Due to the colours going from light too dark it gives the bitmap a great affect and makes it stand out from other logos. Size and PositionI feel that the size of the logo is in good proportion with the background of the logo, as the logo is being given the 3D effect it makes the logo stand out from the rest. Characters and ObjectsThe characters and objects which have been used in this logo are simple, due to the logo only consisting...
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