Film Analysis

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Textual Analysis in Film

Camera Analysis
← Composition
← Framing
← Camera Height
← Angle of view
← Depth of field
← Choice of lens

Mise en Scene Film Analysis questions

← Dominant: Where is our eye attracted first? Why?

← Lighting Key: High Key? Low Key? High Contrast? Some combination of these?

← Shot and Camera Proxemics: What Type of shot? How Far away is the camera from the action? ←
← Angle:Are we ( and the camera) looking up or down on the subject? or is the camera neutral (eye level)?

← Color values: What is the dominant color? Are there contrasting foils? Is there color symbolism? ←
← Lens/ Filter/ Stock: How do there distort or comment on the photographed materials?

← Subsidiary contrasts: What are the main eye-stops after taking in the dominant? ←
← Density: How much visual information is packed into the image? Is the texture stark, moderate, or highly detailed? ← Composition: How is the two dimensional space segmented and organized? What is the underlying design? ←

← Form: Open or closed? does the image suggest a window that arbirarily isolatees a fragment of the scene? or a proscenium arch, in the visual elements are carefully arranged and held in balance?

← Framing: Tight or loose? Do the characters have no room to move around, or can they move freely without impediments?

Editing Analysis-

← How much cutting is there and why?

← Are the shoots highly fragmented or relatively lengthy?

← What is the point of the cutting in each scene? To clarify? TO stimulate? To lyricize? To create suspense? To explore an idea or emotion in depth? ←
← Does the cutting seem manipulative or are we left to interpret the images on our own?

← What kind of rhythm does the editing establish with each scene?

← Is the personality of the filmmaker apparent in the cutting or is the presentation of shots relatively objective and functional?

← Is editing a major language system of the movie or does the film artist relegate cutting to a relatively minor fraction? ← What style of editing does the clip represent and why?

← Sequence shot / Cutting to continuity / Classical Cutting /Thematic Montage/ Abstract

Motion Analysis

← Does the director keep the camera close to the action thus emphasizing motion? Or does he or she deemphasize movement through the use of longer shots, high angles, and slow-paced action? ←

← Are the movements in a scene naturalistic or stylized? Lyrical or disorienting?

← What are the symbolic implications of such mechanical distortions as fast and slow motion, freeze frames, and animation?

← The director has dozens of ways to convey motion, and what differentiates a great director from a merely competent one is not so much a matter of what happens, but how things happen- how suggestive and resonant are the movements in a given dramatic context? Or, how effectively does the form of the movement embody its content?  

Sound Analysis
← How is sound orchestrated in each scene?

← Is the sound distorted? Why?

← Is the edited down and simplified or dense and complex? ←
← Is there ant symbolism in the use of sound?

← Does the film employ repeated motifs?

← How is silence used?

← What type of musical score does the film feature?

← Is the score original or derived from outside sources?

← What types of instruments are used? How many? A full Orchestra? A small combo? A solo instrument? Or was it all Synthesized? ←
← Is music used to underline speech or is it employed only for action scenes? Or not at all?

← How is language used? Is the dialogue spare and functional? Or “literary” and richly textured? ←...
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