BMW Advertisment Visual Analysis

Topics: Logos, Rhetoric, Logo Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: October 21, 2013
The ad I have chosen to analyze is a BMW ad. It shows a naked man on top of a naked woman, obviously there’s an assumption of sex. The girls body is very nice and sexy. But when you look at her face, it is covered. Atop her face is a two page spread in a magazine that displays a shiny, sleek, red BMW. The only caption on this ad is, ‘ The Ultimate Attraction.’ This ad may be controversial to some but it uses ethos, logos, and pathos to lure their main audience; males.

The way this ad uses ethos is just by showing the familiar BMW logo. The logo is a blue and white, checkered emblem. BMW is a well trusted company and it is known to be a fancy, high end brand. Therefore, just by putting the logo on its ad it shows the credibility of it and what they are advertising. The logo is small and in the corner. It is the last thing you would notice on the ad. The marketers are using a little bit of ethos by having the logo on the ad but based on the placement and size their main focus is pathos and logos.

Logos is used by showing the natural process of attraction. The ad shows a man on top of a woman with a car on her face and the caption is, “The Ultimate Attraction.” It uses the logic that most men are attracted to women and that lust towards them is the strongest attraction they feel. Then it uses irony against the logic by putting a spread magazine with a car advertised, on her face. It is ironic because it goes against the logic of natural attraction and says that now the number one attraction for men is the new BMW. Logos, like ethos, is only minor used, which means pathos is the main advertising tool in this ad.

Pathos is the most predominant technique used for this BMW ad. The ad displays a naked man and woman, obviously implying sex. Because of human hormones, lust or sexual feelings are some of the strongest feelings or emotions we have. The definition of pathos is ‘A quality, as of an experience or a work of art, that arouses emotions.‘ Both sex and...
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