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Computer Graphics

Seat No.: ________ Enrolment No.______________ GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY B. E. - SEMESTER – VI • EXAMINATION – WINTER 2012 Subject code: 160703 Subject Name: Computer Graphics Time: 02.30 pm - 05.00 pm Date: 04/01/2013 Total Marks: 70 Instructions: 1. Attempt any five questions. 2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary. 3. Figures to the right indicate full marks. Q.1 (a) Explain DDA line drawing algorithm. What are the limitations of DDA line 07 drawing...

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Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics When I think of art I think of great artists of the past. Artists that have spent practically all their lives to produce visually stunning pieces of work. Artists such as Michelangelo, who spent 15 years of his life to finalize a painting on the ceiling of the St. Peter's Cathedral. When I think of art, I think of the legendary sculptures of the classical era. Artists then envisioned a final work from a block of stone. However, It is very difficult for me to consider a person...

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Matrices Used In Computer Graphics.

Matrices Used In Computer Graphics Every one of us uses matrices nearly everyday in our lives and probably unaware of it. Matrices are commonly used in computers for their 3D graphics. Most of the matrices that are used are either 3x3 or 4x4 matrices and are computed by either rotation matrices or translation matrices. The matrices that are used are an array that holds numbers, commonly called a 3x3 array or 4x4 array. Or Examples of 3x3 and 4x4 matrices. The reason that matrices are used is...

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CURRENT RESEARCH IN COMPUTER GRAPHICS Image-Based 3D Reconstruction REFERENCE :- Prof. Dr. Leif kobbelt (https://www.graphics.rwth-aachen.de/publication/188_187_182_15/) The faithful digitization and digital reproduction of three dimensional real world objects is fundamental challenges in computer graphics. In this research area there is a focus on new techniques to reconstruct 3D objects from simple photos or video. New solutions to involved problems such as camera calibration, structure...

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3d Computer Graphics and Screw Thread

on this endeavor. This can lead to much frustration.  Don't Do It My usual answer when asked how make real screws is "Don't do it!" Draw them in 2D. AutoCAD strains itself on solids. A realistically modeled length of thread can bogs down most computers. And when it gets right down to it, a true screw thread is impossible in AutoCAD. Some CAD programs, like SolidWorks can make true threads, but still file size balloons and performance suffers. Do it In the Flat A 2D representation of a screw is...

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Reading Makes a Man

In computing, an input device is any peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system such as a computer or other information appliance. Examples of input devices include keyboards, mice, scanners, digital cameras and joysticks. Many input devices can be classified according to: * modality of input (e.g. mechanical motion, audio, visual, etc.) * the input is discrete (e.g. key presses) or continuous (e.g. a mouse's...

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Research Paper - 3D Technology in Motion Picture

has given us gifts like Avatar, Tron- Legecy, Rio and so on and we can experience the movies so real like we see the view through the window of our room. Some people are just happy to watch 3D movies only as their focuses are only high definition graphics and entertainment, but it might not be enough for others who really feel curious about the making of 3D movies and the way those work. From the 1850s until now the features, components and the effects of motion pictures have been changing progressively...

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INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA Interactive media normally refers to products and services on digital computer-based systems which respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, graphics, animation, video, audio, games, etc. Though the word media is plural, the term is often used as a singular noun. Interactive media is related to the concepts interaction design, new media, interactivity, human computer interaction, cyberculture, digital culture, and includes augmented reality. An essential...

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ang pitong buhay ni anabella

*monitor History of Monitor A long time has passed since the first computer monitors were introduced. Way back when these units were first introduced, they were available in monochrome only and most of the computer monitors used to have a bright green display on a jet black background. These were known as monochrome monitors and they did not use to have high quality displays. The displays that we see on the monitors are caused by the electrons directed on a phosphor coating on the screen by the...

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The World of Virtual Reality

games or even computer games that you are able to communicate with other people from all over the world. The world of virtual reality is all around us. From watching television to working on homework assignments on your computer, almost everything that we do uses some kind of virtual reality. There are many aspects that are being used by many different kinds of professionals like dentists, astronauts and even our law enforcement agencies. What is virtual reality? It is the use of computers to create...

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Discuss the technological impact on film theory and the advantages and disadvantages of the invasion of the digital world.

opposite principle that theory is inescapable, that far from being an intruder, it is already there.'However, technological advances in many fields relating to cinema, for example cinematography, technical equipment, photography, digital imaging, computer graphics and film editing, have had a very profound effect on traditional film theory. Stam (2000) theorises that 'changing audio-visual technologies dramatically impact on virtually all the perennial issues engaged by film theory: specificity, autuerism...

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TIc tac toe

addition, MATLAB is optimized for matrix calculations and regularly updated. Thus MATLAB extensively spread and used by control engineers for analysis and design of projects.  Tic-tac-toe. Simple games that do not require complicated animation and graphics can be created in the MATLAB environment with help of basic commands such as ‘if’, ‘else’, ‘elseif’ and etc. Tic-tac-toe could be an excellent example of programming the game. It is a quick logical game for two players, who seek in alternative turns...

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Virtual Reality

basic communication. The applications of virtual reality into different fields of occupations and research will have both positive and negative effects on our society. Firstly, the definition of “Virtual Reality” in my terms is to be inside a computer generated 3D world. Researchers say it embodies an attempt to eliminate the traditional distinction between the user and the machine. Virtual reality is intended to provide a means of naturally and intelligently interacting with information. For...

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projectors to the screens. This technology creates a mini environment inside the CAVE with graphics to demonstrate the environment that the user wants to display. After setting the environment the user can go into the CAVE and manipulates the graphics displayed around him. The user should wear a pair of protective glasses, those glasses are not only for the sake of protection; they allow the user to see the 3D graphics. These glasses allow viewers to see the 3D objects floating in the air. So, the one inside...

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Danger of Virtual Reality

‘virtual reality’ can be traced back to the French playwright, poet, actor, and director Antonin Artaud. Virtual reality (VR) is a term that applies to computer-simulated environments that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world, as well as in imaginary worlds” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_reality). Virtual reality (VR) is a computer interface maximizes our natural perception abilities. Although VR is touted as a revolutionary new technology, the idea of inclusion within...

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Sink or Float

sedl.org/afterschool/toolkits ����������� �������� ������� .............................................................................................. Use the following graphic organizer and pictures to help students keep track of which objects float and which objects sink. You may want to create your own larger graphic organizer to include more items. 1. Using the page of pictures, ask students to predict whether each item will sink or float. 2. Ask students to cut out the pictures of the things...

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The History of 2d Animation

a lab to be processed into a video. Many early cartoons used this method of animation, but the method has become unpopular, since it is so time consuming. Some cartoons appear to still use the method, but modern animation, is mostly done using computers. Popular examples of cartoons using cel animation include Looney Tunes and The Simpsons. Xerography, the ability to copy drawings directly onto cels, instead of drawing them, was introduced in a Disney studio during the 1950s. This saved a...

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Homogeneous Coordinates and Matrix Representation

can be represented as linear transformations on the n+1-dimensional space Rn+1. These include both affine transformations (such as translation) and projective transformations. For this reason, 4×4 transformation matrices are widely used in 3D computer graphics. These n+1-dimensional transformation matrices are called, depending on their application, affine transformation matrices, projective transformation matrices, or more generally non-linear transformation matrices. With respect to an n-dimensional...

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Global village

of the text (font) carries connotations (associated meaning) – E.g. handwriting is considered juvenile, bold font indicates importance etc. Modality This refers to the credibility of a visual text. Highest Modality is most real. Lowest Modality graphics are least real. Real images usually indicate an attempt to present reality, whereas drawn or comic style images aim to show imagination and simulation. Preliminary Standard English 2013 Applying your Knowledge...

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Banking Sector

customization. Examples: 1- Examples include wedding invitations, custom-built homes, custom-tailored clothes, charter airline flights, component parts, and most professional services (such as medical, legal, and financial services). 2- Dell Computer is best known for its application of the build-to-order model  Continuous Replenishment The idea of the continuous-replenishment supply chain model is to replenish the inventory constantly by working closely with suppliers and intermediaries...

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Computer Graphics Industry 2019 - CAD/CAM, Visualization/Simulation, Digital video, Imaging, Modeling/Animation

The Report “Computer Graphics Market by Software (CAD/CAM, Visualization/Simulation, Digital video, Imaging, Modeling/Animation), Service (Consulting, Training & Support, Integration), End-User (Enterprise and SMB) – Worldwide Forecasts & Analysis (2014-2019)″ is now available at RnRMarketResearch.com. Computer graphics industry as being a part of designing industries is categorized by creativity and innovation skill set. Computer graphics software are now widely being adopted across many industries...

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Persepolis Analysis The graphic novel Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, is a autobiography describing her childhood in Iran and her early life and studies in Europe. As a graphic novel, the book uses text and drawings to tell the story. The autobiography is effectively transmitted because, even though the images do not tell the story by themselves, they help the reader visualize it, and help set the tone and mood. The images help the reader understand the story better, and visualize what the...

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archiving of documents, easy & customized access to information, easy information dissemination through images & text, CD-ROMs, internet, intranets, and extranets Application Areas The digitising applications are rapidly evolving around the world as computers are becoming an essential office and home equipment. Libraries, Corporate, Government, Armed Forces, Museums and Educational and Research organisations are looking at various efficient storage and distribution applications. By linking local markets...

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Through the Lens Essay

the Pain of Others,” who points out that war photography should have some form of censorship because of the effect it may have on victims or families who have lost their loved ones. While Berger doesn’t seem to promote graphic photography, it seems that from his point of view, pictures such as these make a reality of what otherwise might just become another page in our history books. “These paintings [by survivors] were shown on Japanese television. Is it...

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Art Form for the Digital Age

digital art. The growing game industry is said to be the most growing form of art in the economy today. The gaming industry has grown tremendously in the past century. It went from silent pong games to intense story plot and mind blowing real life graphics like Final Fantasy. Games are becoming more and more realistic, characters can talk, and blink, jump, wave and every part of the body moves like a real person can. Parental advisory is a big part of these games. In this new generation of video games...

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Mr.Anup Kumar

Computer Graphics (IT 703A) Branch – IT, Semester – 7th Time: 3Hrs. Full Marks: 70 Sample Question Paper Group – A (Multiple Choice Questions) 1. Choose the most appropriate alternatives for the following: i) The slope of the cubic Bezier curve at the start of the curve is controlled by a) First control point b) First two control points c) First three control points d) All four control points. ii) A projection in which all three foreshortening factors are kept equal is called as a) Isometric...

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ultrasound. In another demo, he sees and feels a small virtual creature running on his palm. References I WAMOTO , T., TATEZONO , M., H OSHI , T., AND S HINODA , H. 2008. Airborne ultrasound tactile display. In International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 New Tech Demos. P ROVISION, 2009. Holo. http://www.provision3dmedia.com/. R AKKOLAINEN , I. 2007. How feasible are star wars mid-air displays? In 11th International Conference Information Visualization...

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creo parametric

interface looks similar to the ribbon UI you already use in Microsoft products. Consistent, streamlined workflows simplify common tasks like sketching, part modeling, assembly modeling, sheet metal, and drawings. Use our intuitive 3D Dragger, a graphics toolbar, or mini toolbars to place upfront specific tasks for your project. There’s even a new embedded Command Finder when you’re not sure where to go next. We’ve also sped up installation and included connections to the new LearningConnector...

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Image Processing

for several reasons .First the issue of digital image processing appeared relatively late in the computer history. Secondly, digital image processing requires the most careful optimizations and especially for real time applications. Finally, digital image processing is by definition, a two dimensional domain. The original and basic way of representing a digital colored image in computers is obviously a bitmap. A bit map is constituted of rows of pixels, contraction of the words ‘Picture...

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Template Matching

presented earlier, where the template was the edge model. Example 7.4–2: Template Matching In this example we seek to find the black jelly beans in a noisy image using template matching. The noisy image is shown in Figure 7.4–3 and was produced by adding computer-generated white Gaussian noise (σ = 50) to the 256 × 256 monochrome image shown in Figure 7.4–4. The template image for this example was formed by cropping out the bottom rightmost black jelly bean to give a 18 × 15 - pixel template shown in Figure...

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Implementation of Edge Detection and Edge Enhancement Algorithm on Thermal / IR Image

The process of breaking up a continuous image & determining digital brightness values are referred to as sampling & quantization respectively.  The field of digital image processing refers to processing digital images by means of a digital computer.  Value of f/ amplitude at spatial coordinates (x,y) is positive scalar quantity. Since imahe is generated from physical source,intensity values are proportional to energy radiated by physical source. 0< f(x,y)< infinity Characteristics...

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Face Detection in a Colour Image

are found by the connected component process. And then finally in the third step the face area is marked. References 1] Alasdair McAndrew, “An Introduction to Digital Image Processing with Matlab”, Victoria University of Technology: School of Computer Science and Mathematics 2] Rafael C. Gonzalez, “Digital Image Processing Using Matlab”, University of Tennessee. 3] Digital image processing by shapiro and stockman....

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A Preprocessing Framework for Underwater Image Denoising

A PREPROCESSING FRAMEWORK FOR AUTOMATIC UNDERWATER IMAGES DENOISING * U.Deepika III MCA Dr.S.N.Geethalakshmi Associate Professor Dr.P.Subashini Associate Professor Department of Computer Science Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women University, Coimbatore, India. *mithilydeep@gmail.com Abstract A major obstacle to underwater operations using cameras comes from the light absorption and scattering by the marine environment, which limits the visibility...

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Pep Ventosa

specific equipment. The following equipment was his equipment of choice as of 2006. The two cameras that he uses are the Nikon D70 and the Nikon Coolpix 995. He does not use a scanner but relies completely on the digital photographs. He uses a Dell computer with a large monitor, two internal hard drives, two external hard drives, and a portable hard drive. The color management system that he employs is the ColorVision Spyder2 PRO color calibration system and the RGB ICC Profiles from Epson for printing...

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feeling and emotions, but to do so we need to master the scientific part of the medium. Unlike a painter, who is in direct contact with his subject and his canvas, a photographer is separated from his subject by the camera and from his "canvas" by computers and printers today and by darkroom equipment previously. These times give us many opportunities in how to capture a moment. Some decide to take pictures using modern technologies; others, however, stick with a more traditional way which includes...

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Computer Graphics and Yes/no

I&amp;CT MARKING SHEET Unit 6: Digital Graphics Introduction Assignment Number: 1 Name: Date: Criteria | Description | Completed | Task: 1 | Lvl 1 | Identify the intended purpose of a bitmap graphic product. | Yes/No | Lvl 1 | Identify the intended purpose of a vector graphic product. | Yes/No | Lvl 1 | Identify features of a bitmap graphic product. | Yes/No | Lvl 1 | Identify features of a vector graphic product. | Yes/No | For level 1, as a minimum...

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3d Animation , Its Effect on Mass Communication

with Mass Communication” Abstract: Introduction 3d animation is a form of Computer graphics that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data that is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images. 3d is a type of graphics in which its images look like they are real world images i.e. computer games and animated movies are the common examples of 3d, 3d graphics are modeled or originated by a process known as 3d modeling, this process is done...

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3d Tv Technology

television both evolved over decades, there were stages, which, in fact, were once seen as revolutions: 1) at first, films were silent, then sound was added; 2) cinema and television were initially black-and-white, then color was introduced; 3) computer imaging and digital special effects have been the latest major novelty[3]. How 3D TV technology works 3D television technology is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. Due to the rise of popular 3D feature films, major television...

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Computer Graphics

Computer graphics This article is about graphics created using computers. For the article about the scientific study of computer graphics, see Computer graphics (computer science). For other uses, see Computer graphics (disambiguation). [pic] Computer graphics are graphics created using computers and, more generally, the representation and manipulation of image data by a computer. The development of computer graphics, or simply referred to...

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maya brochure

Pictures. Modernize your pipeline and compete more effectively with Autodesk® Maya® 2012 modeling, animation, visual effects, rendering, and compositing software. Whether you work in film, games, television, or advertising, publishing, and graphic design production, Maya 2012 offers state-of-the-art toolsets, combined into a single affordable offering. New Toolsets for Previsualization and Games Prototyping Today’s challenging productions demand modern toolsets that enable you to make...

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Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Computer Graphics

Computers in some form are in almost everything these days. From Toasters to Televisions, just about all-electronic things have some form of processor in them. This is a very large change from the way it used to be, when a computer that would take up an entire room and weighed tons of pounds has the same amount of power as a scientific calculator. The changes that computers have undergone in the last 40 years have been colossal. So many things have changed from the ENIAC that had very little power...

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Computers in Medical Field

things in history that have influenced our lives more than a computer. Today, there cannot be any field that is absent of the influence of computer applications. From farming to rocket science, computers have a huge role to play. The use of the computer has been on the increase for some time in many fields. Medicine is one of the many fields that have made tremendous strides in the twentieth century due to the advent of computers. Computers are used in medicine in almost all areas. Whether it is...

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annotations such as datum target symbols. MODEL EDITING: Use the SolidWorks Feature Manager design tree and the Property Manager to edit sketches, drawings, parts, or assemblies. You can also edit features and sketches by selecting them directly from the graphics area. ...

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Crime Scene Reconstruction

Information7 Investigators Collaboration4 Test Theories8 Confirm Witnesses Testimony8 Presentation to the Jury9 Virtual Tour9 New technologically advanced 3D computer reconstructions allow the viewer to see real images of the crime scene much like watching a television show. The virtual world can be created using 3D lasers and computer software. The crime scene is taking on a completely different view. No longer is the crime scene restricted to inside of the crime tape. It has moved beyond...

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Computers Computers have made life easier for the human race. Americans today take for granted the great impact the computer has on their lives, making things easier, faster, and more convenient for them. Computers helped the world a lot and helped us take a large step into the future. Almost anything you know is run or made by computers, industry, cars, jets, and ect. Computers are the most important innovations in history, without computers the world would not be able to function in the...

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Computer Graphics

Computer graphics are graphics created using computers and, more generally, the representation and manipulation of image data by a computer. The development of computer graphics has made computers easier to interact with, and better for understanding and interpreting many types of data. Developments in computer graphics have had a profound impact on many types of media and have revolutionized animation, movies and the video game industry. Overview The term computer graphics has been used in a...

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computer and pharmacy

technology, we cannot imagine how the world would function without computer system as every profession is in one way or another facilitated by the use of computer. Computer is an electronic device with sets of programs and application installed to facilitate users. Computer is used in almost every field that needed accuracy, advance administration, time saving and computer could accomplish many tasks easily within a short period of time. Computers are being used in almost every medical institute, hospitals...

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Computer and Enrollment

Chapter I: Background of the Study Introduction The technology todays plays a vital role in our society. It makes man work easier and fast. The discovery of computer was the great function of modernity for different to make work easier, more capable and more adaptable for the humanity. This desire to simplify lives and perform more effectively creates a new technology for improving lives within our society. Because need exist, man developed and applied technology to fill those needs. Technology...

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Will the Computer Replace the Mind

| Will the Computer Replace the Mind?by Rav B. Horovitz An adaptation based upon articles by Rav S. D. Sassoon and Rav Arye Kaplan. Science and advanced technology appear to have brought us to the pinnacle of the Biblical mandate to subdue the world (Genesis 1:28).  Not only has man conquered the world of outer space, he is achieving domination in the inner space of the nucleus.  He is unravelling the mysteries of genetic codes and is engineering new life forms.  The computer, and the technology...

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Graphics Summary

Graphics Graphics * Freehand drawing is concerned with presenting ideas quickly and clearly * It is much easier to produce and alter a sketch rather than an accurate drawing especially when drawn on site. * Sketching the solution to any design and/or drawing problem helps in sorting out initial problems as well as the communication of ideas during research and investigation. * ------------------------------------------------- It is important to be able to read and communicate...

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Motion Graphic

Motion graphic If you’re a fan of the show Mad Men or have seen the opening, then you’ve seen a motion graphic. Motion graphics were all the rage in the 1960s (hence the look for the Mad Men series set in the advertising field of the 1960s) and were popular in movies, TV show openings and commercials. You’ve seen plenty of them, now that you’ve put the graphic with the term. They’re once again on TV, commercials, movies, web sites and any other visual medium. Is it that they are retro? Do...

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Application of Computers in Photography

APPLICATION OF COMPUTER IN PHOTOGRAPHY (DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY) A SEMINAR PAPER PRESENTED BY ADEWOYE UMARFARUK ADEWOLE MAT NO: 09/58199 TO THE DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE THE FEDERAL POLYTHECHNIC P.M.B 55, BIDA NIGER STATE FEBRUARY, 2012 1    ABSTRACT Over the years the application of computers in photography was not exploited, and photography has encountered great challenges and limitations. Therefore, this presentation deals with the effects of application of computers in photography...

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Computer Packages

Computer Packages 11 Graphic Packages: It is important to recall that the early graphics software performed creditably on production of simple bar graphs and funny little people made of squares. However, the modern day graphics software and hardware is so advanced such that it is sometimes difficult to tell if computer or trick photograph produced a picture. Computer graphics as often seen in advertisement, Logos, and sports broadcast on televisions are products of computer graphic applications...

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Computer and Web Ethics

With the freedom of the computer has come a multitude of new ethical issues. Computer ethics is a set of moral principles that systematize the use of computers and supervise the behavior of a group or individual. This essay will tell how computer ethics came about. We will discuss the “Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics.” Having the use of a computer for business, academic, or just for social reasons entitles you to know and follow these ethics. Do you apply computer ethics when spending time on...

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Basics of Computer Aided Design(Cad)

TECHNICAL PRESENTATION Computer-aided design Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer technology for the design of objects, real or virtual. CAD often involves more than just shapes. As in the manual drafting of technical and engineering drawings, the output of CAD often must convey also symbolic information such as materials, processes, dimensions, and tolerances, according to application-specific conventions. CAD may be used to design curves and figures in two-dimensional ("2D")...

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Computer graphics vs raster graphics

Compare raster graphics from vector graphics. A raster graphics image, or bitmap, is a dot matrix data structure representing a generally rectangular grid of pixels, or points of color, viewable via a monitor, paper, or other display medium. Raster images are stored in image files with varying formats. A bitmap corresponds bit-for-bit with an image displayed on a screen, generally in the same format used for storage in the display's video memory, or maybe as a device-independent bitmap. A bitmap...

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Computer Simulation

COMPUTER- AIDED DECISIONS “COMPUTER SIMULATION OF HUMAN THOUGHT” What is Computer Simulation? A computer simulation or a computer model is a computer program that attempts to simulate an abstract model of a particular system. Computer simulations have become a useful part of mathematical modeling of many natural systems in physics, chemistry and biology, human systems in economics, psychology, and social science and in the process of engineering new technology, to gain insight into...

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Apple's 3d Tv

main concern is the 3D glasses. These 3D glasses have an average price of $150.00 each. Not only is the price concerning future costumers, but also many potential buyers that are looking into investing in this television set are worried that the graphics wont make a smooth transition into their living room and give them headaches. Undoubtedly, Apple Inc. came up with the solution. They currently just won a patent for the Glasses-Free 3D Television, which they applied for in the year of 2006. Always...

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Ojt Summary

model or perspective of steel cabinet/ locker and racks on AutoCAD. After the trainee finished it, his mentor gives him a time to readmagazines & books in their library.May 22, 2012, because it is not a busy day the trainee gives time to use their computer insocial networking. After lunch the trainee assigned to make or design a proposed counter forinformation area and render it on sketch up.May 23, 2012, the trainee was appointed at GLC Project where his mentor gives anopportunity to propose (3) three...

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Computers and the Many Benefits

Computers and the Many Benefits Computers play a huge part in many all of our lives in one way or another. They have many purposes and are used in various types of environments, such as medical facilities, government offices, and many households. They also are the reason we are able to surf the internet, watch animated television shows and see movies with special graphics. Computers have impacted our lives in many ways. You may not notice it but they did make life a lot easier. Without computers...

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