Book of Eli: Media Worldview Analysis

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Ebony Williams
November 30, 2014
CWV 101
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Media Worldview Analysis Worksheet with Instructions
Hello Class,
To complete this assignment as worksheet, follow the instructions below and actually complete your work on this worksheet. Watch one of the following movies (you will need to obtain the movie on your own): It’s a Wonderful Life

Citizen Kane
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
To End All Wars
Book of Eli
Horton Hears a Who
Answer each of the four questions below. Note: Be sure to answer the questions as they apply to all the main characters, not just the primary character. For example, question 1, describe the worldviews of all the main characters. Type your answer to each question directly below the question. The combined word count of your answers to all four questions should total 500-750 words. Reference the movie on the reference page at the end of the worksheet. Here is a link that will show you how to format the reference for the movie.

Complete this worksheet.

Title of the movie being reviewed: Book Of Eli

Question 1. What worldview or worldviews are represented in this movie in the main characters? Be sure to look at all the main characters, not just the star. Choose from the worldviews studied in this course (naturalism, secular humanism, atheistic existentialism, eastern pantheism, New Age, Christian Theism). Provide example from the movie that support your identification of the worldview(s). What specific attitudes, actions and behaviors lead to that conclusion?

The worldview that is represented in this movie was that of a Christian one because Eli relied on God and his faith to lead him on his journey. He prays to God, and carries the Bible around with him and reads it everyday. One specific scene shows Eli explaining his calling to his friend Solara where he stated that he was led on this journey because a voice in his head...

References: Silver, Joel (Producer), & Hughes Brothers (Director). (2010). The Book Of Eli [Motion Picture]. United States: Warner Brothers Distribution
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