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1. Blood type “O” is very important for the people that are in need for extra blood. Say if someone got into an accident and lost extremely amount of blood, the surgeons will have to use type “O” blood to give them the amount of blood needed. It can be transfused to a patient with any blood type. Blood banks being low on type “O” is a huge problem in today’s society; without type “O” blood injured people wouldn’t be able to make it. Blood donors are encouraged to donate blood to hospitals and different communities because it’s in high demand.

2. There are four types of blood, type A, B, AB, and type “O”. Even though everyone has different blood types, it matters what blood type you have because if you have a rare blood type or if your blood type is negative or positive, it could cause blood supply problems for unprepared blood banks and hospitals. So it wouldn’t really matter what nationality you are just what blood type you have. In different countries, there are different blood types because of the result of their parents. This is very unique and sometimes a difficult thing to handle because you won’t be able to travel to different countries because of your blood type.

3. A person with a blood type “A” can get other blood types transfused in them such as blood type A and AB. It can only be these blood types because blood type “A” only has the antigen on red cells. It can mix with A and AB because they are mixtures already. Blood type “A” can also receive blood type “O” because it’s recessive to all the blood types. Blood type “A” can only be transferred by itself and “AB”.

4. Blood types are inherited by our parents equally. The mother is recessive and the father is dominant, or “O” is recessive and “A, B, AB”are dominant basically. You can find out our parents blood type by their parents also. The universal acceptor is AB+, with this blood type; you can accept any blood type without your body rejected it. The universal donor is “O”,...

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