Lab Report: Investigation of ABO Allele Population within Country of St Thomas

Topics: Sample size, Sampling, Hispanic and Latino Americans Pages: 4 (1191 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Kai Morson
Matt Cring
SCI 200: Changes in the World
Friday 19th October 2012

The investigation of ABO allele population within Country of St. Thomas Introduction
Everyone always worry about what his or her blood type may be or which blood type is more predominant and what race that creates such high frequencies. The objective associated with this lab will compare these allele frequencies from different sample groups such as St. Thomas Black to that of USA, St. Thomas Black to that of the Hispanic ethnicity. But these comparisons are done to determine if these gene pools are significantly different from each other. There may be a few reasons why some places may have variations of gene pools; migration and the evolution of different ethnicities has created a diversification among cultural groups. So as a result, this lab experiment was conducted to determine which of the sample groups are either closely related or significantly different.

Each student within the Science 200 class of Fall 2012 firstly collected the data source sporadically throughout the school campus. The data was collected by the students engaging themselves in asking various students a range of questions in reference to Blood Type, Place of Birth and Ethnicity etc. To avoid duplication within the data source, the students in question were asked whether or not they took this survey before. After the data was collected, it was compiled, uniformed and sorted in order to acquire the required information that was needed to conduct this experiment successfully. For the experiment, all of the St. Thomas Black, all of the USA, and all of the Hispanic ethnicity were extracted in order to find the allele frequency of each blood type for the respective groups. Within the compiled data source, there were a few ethnicities that were classified as “African-American” or “French/Black” which was then changed to the classification of Black for the sample group. There were also ethnicities...

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