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Bi121 Problem set/take home quiz #2

Multiple choice
1) List the gametes produced by AaBb.

2) Suppose you performed a cross between two true-breeding stocks of garden peas, with respect to two characteristics of their flowers. The first parent had red, axial flowers, and the second had white, terminal flowers; all F1 individuals were like the first parent. If you obtained 1,000 F2 offspring by allowing the F1s to self-fertilize, about how many of them would you expect to have red, terminal flowers? (Assume no linkage)


3) Homologous chrmosomes contain identical
a. genes
b. alleles
c. DNA sequences
d. all of these are correct

4) What is the genotypic and phenotypic ratio from the F2 of a monohybrid cross?

5) If alleles R and s are linked on one chromosome and r and S are linked on the homologous chromosome, what gametes will be produced if no crossing over occurs?

6) Both you and your sister or brother have attached earlobes, but your parents have unattached earlobes. Unattached earlobes (E) are dominant over attached earlobes (e). What are the genotypes of your parents?

7) A child who does not have dimples or freckles is born to a man who has dimples and freckles (both dominant) and a woman who does not. What are the genotypes of all persons concerned?

8) A child with type O blood is born to a mother with type A blood. What is the genotype of the child? The mother? What are the possible genotypes of the father?

9) In Drosophila, 3 autosomal genes have alleles as follows
Gray body color (G) is dominant over black (g)
Full wings (A) is dominant over vestigial (a)
Red eye (R) is dominant over sepia (r)

Two crosses were performed with the following results:

Cross I: Parents: heterozygous red, full X sepia, vestigial
Offspring: 131 red, full
120 sepia, vestigial
122 red, vestigial
127 sepia, full...
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