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Blood Type

has become an essential tool because of its ability to identify culprits through the use of fingerprints, blood, and genetic samples. “DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the fundamental building block for an individual's entire genetic makeup. It is a component of virtually every cell in the human body. Further, a person's DNA is the same in every cell. For example, the DNA in a man's blood is the same as the DNA in his skin cells, semen, and saliva” (NIJ). One person’s DNA is different than every...

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Reebop Lab

traits were found to be heterozygous:Aa (Antenna number: 2 antennas)Mm (# of Humps - 2 green humps)Nn (Leg number - six legs)Ll (blue legs)e) The following traits were found to be homozygous recessive:dd (2 body segments)tt (white tail)ii (o group blood type)f) Is your ReeBop a Purebred? Why or why not?No, our reebop Baljit is not a purebred. This is because there are many genotypes involved in making the reebop which means that the results will vary. Since most of the characteristics were heterozygous...

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Nobel Prize Research Paper

Karl Landsteiner of Austria. Landsteiner wondered why blood transfusions didn’t work in the early days, so he started to experiment. After noticing the very dangerous and fatal reactions after a blood transfusion, he looked into it even more. Landsteiner started by extracting look from all his research staff for examination. After mixing different peoples blood he noticed some clumped together and some didn’t, this occurred when a recipient’s blood had antibodies towards the donor’s sample. Week after...

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I Dont Know

still pretty much the same as well. 6. The ratio would be 1:2:1 9. Child 1 and Child 2 10. a. Yes because it has an antibody of A and B. It’s the universal blood type. Plus there are no antigens of A and B in blood type O. b. Blood type O c. Blood type AB positive 11. a and b…didn’t do this in lab 12. It means that it had to be from other family members. Just the generation. 13. a. Hmmm color blindness, albinism, alkaptonuria and cystic...

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Examples of Evaluation Method

Province | Islam | Christian | Catholic | Hindu | Buddha | Total | DKI Jakarta | 7,157,182 | 501,168 | 336,514 | 28,508 | 313,217 | 8,336,589 | 2. Evaluate the number of people based on marriage status : 1 - Married 2 - Single 3. Blood type classification : A, B , O or AB 4. Ethnic group classification : Javanese, Sundanese, or Betawi 5. Classification of part based on color : red, blue, yellow, green, etc...

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Blood Type Diet

You Are What You Eat Do you Know your Blood Type? Hollywood stars are always trying new diets, from the Low Carb to the Zone Diet. Kirstie Alley is a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and Jennifer Hudson raves about Weight Watchers at every opportunity. There is a new diet trend in Hollywood called “The Blood Type Diet.” Celebrities such as, Demi Moore, Cheryl Cole, and Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr are just a few loyal fans of the blood type diet. As the world continues to evolve, humans...

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Switched at Birth

about two girls that are switched at birth in the hospital. One of the girls named Bay Kennish is in Biology class when she discovers , through a test being conducted in class that she Has a rare AB blood type. Her parents advise her that this is impossible because they are Both Type A. She asks her parents to ease her concern by taking a genetic test at a lab to Confirm. The results show that she is not their biological daughter and after contacting The hospital they find Regina...

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Genetics: Is the Code Broken?

characteristics determined by multiple alleles in an organism other than humans GENETICS: THE CODE BROKEN? 2. Multiple alleles and polygenic inheritance provide further variability within a trait * Compare the inheritance of the ABO and Rhesus blood groups GENETICS: THE CODE BROKEN? 2. Multiple alleles and polygenic inheritance provide further variability within a trait * Define what is meant by polygenic inheritance and describe one example of polygenic inheritance in humans or another...

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Type O Blood

2 1-2:15 Type O Blood “It is a well-known fact that most of our body is made up of water, and this water is what makes up the volume of our blood” (Buzzle.com). Blood is an extremely complex, living tissue in our bodies that contains many cell types and proteins. We might think that blood is blood and it’s all the same, but that is not the case. There are distinct differences that are visible in blood under a microscope. During the early 20th century these differences in blood were classified...

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Blood Type Lab Essay

Blood Type Lab Report Sherman Chen 3B Introduction: The purpose, nature, and expected findings of the activity. In this lab activity, we were first asked to find the blood types and then count the number of blood cells. In the first part of the lab, we had to find the ABO and Rh blood type of four simulated blood samples. We did this by observing the antigen/antibody reaction in each of the four samples of simulated blood; if there was agglutination it meant that was the blood type. In the...

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