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Rowel Sales Vizcarra Jr.
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Scott’s blood test shows that he has excess red blood cells. Identify and describe two causes of this disorder.
Scott’s disorder is polycythemia, which occurs because of excess number of erythrocytes in the blood. This disorder may result from bone marrow cancer (polycythemia Vera) or secondary polycythemia. The increased in slowness of the blood result from polycythemia.

Discuss why Martina, who has blood type A, cannot receive blood type B during a transfusion.
Martina has the antigen for blood type A on her red blood cells. During infancy, her body built anti-B antibodies since she lacked that antigen in her blood. If she receives a transfusion of blood type B, her body will already have the anti-B antibodies in place. Agglutination will occur as the anti-B antibodies bind and clump to the foreign B antigen. The red blood cells will be lysed, hemoglobin will be released into the blood stream, and these events could possibly lead to a transfusion reaction.

Explain how the anatomy of a granulocyte differs from that of an agranulocyte.
Granulocytes and agranulocytes are both considered as types of WBCs (white blood cells). This classification is based on the presence or absence of cytoplasmic granules, nuclear shape, and affinity for laboratory stains or dyes. Leukocytes (WBCs) are considered as a main cellular component of blood. WBCs are larger than erythrocytes and are found in less numbers than erythrocytes. Unlike erythrocytes, leukocytes can exit the blood by assuming amoeba-like behavior to wriggle through narrow capillary pores, and do their function in various tissues. The main function of leukocytes is to defend the body against infective pathogens and foreign materials. Granulocytes (polymorphonuclear leukocytes): leukocytes characterized by the presence of differently staining granules in their cytoplasm when viewed under light microscopy. These granules are membrane-bound enzymes that act...
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