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Project 1 Wellness Profile
Lab 1.1 – Wellness Profile (see page 23)
Physical wellness – Eating well, getting regular checkups, and recognizing symptoms of diseases.

Emotional wellness – Optimism, self-esteem, self-confidence, and the ability to understand and accept one’s feeling.

Intellectual wellness – Capacity to question, motivation to master new skills, sense of humor, creativity, and curiosity.

Spiritual wellness – Capacity for love, forgiveness, altruism, compassion, joy, fulfillment, caring for others, sense of meaning and purpose, sense of belonging to something greater than one’s self,

Interpersonal/social wellness – Communication skills, capacity for intimacy, ability to establish and maintain satisfying relationships, ability to cultivate support systems of friends and family.

Environmental wellness – Having abundant, clean natural resources, maintaining sustainable resources, recycle whenever possible,

Top 5 Most Important Strengths – Forgiveness, optimism, sense of humor, ability to establish and maintain satisfying relationships, and caring for others.

Based on both your current lifestyle and your goals for the future, what do you think your placement on the wellness continuum will be in 10 years? What new health behaviors will you have to adopt to achieve your goals? In 10 years, I believe I will be placed at the high level of wellness of the well continuum. To achieve that goal I will adopt a better physical wellness. That is my biggest issue so I want to learn exercise regularly and healthier ways to exercise and improve my flexibility.

Using Your Results
How did you score? Are you satisfied with your current level of wellness - overall? And then each dimension? Which dimension do you wish to improve and why?

Lab 1.2 Lifestyle Evaluation p. 25
Exercise/Fitness Score -- 6

Nutrition Score -- 9

Tobacco Use Score -- 10

Alcohol and Drugs Score -- 10

Emotional Health Score -- 9

Safety Score -- 8

Disease Prevention Score -- 8

How did you score? In which areas did you score the lowest? Are you satisfied with your scores in each area? In which area would you like to see improvement? I scored excellent according to the book. I scored lowest in the exercise/fitness area. I’m satisfied in most of the areas except the exercise/fitness portion, because it shows physically unhealthy I am. I would like to see improvement in the exercise/fitness portion because I do want to be physically healthier to lengthen my life and get in shape.

What will you do next to improve?
Behavior Stage Strategy
1. _Being physically active______________ __Action___________________________ I’m going to get up early in the afternoon tomorrow and workout at my local gym 2. _Developing endurance______________ __Preparation_______________________ I’m going to create an exercise plan to build up my endurance 3. _Limit the amount of salt and sugar I eat __Contemplation____________________ I’m going to write down every salty/sugary food I eat

Lab 2.1 Safety of Exercise Participation p. 49

List Yes or No to the 7 questions.

See page 50 and include General Information, Medical Condition/Treatments, Lifestyle Information General Information
Age: 18 Total cholesterol: I don’t know Blood pressure: 160/63 Height: 5’6 HDL: I don’t knowTriglycerides: I don’t know Weight: 135 lbs. LDL: I don’t knowBlood glucose level: I don’t know Are you currently trying to gain or lose weight? (check one if appropriate) Medical Conditions/Treatments

Lifestyle Information
I usually eat high-fat foods (fatty meats, cheese, fried foods, butter, full-fat dairy products) every day. I consume fewer than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables on most days. I often feel as if I need more sleep. (I need about 10 hours per day; I get about 8 hours per day.) I feel as though stress has adversely affected my level of wellness during the past year.

Cleaning my house and walking around my neighborhood are some moderate physical activities I engage in on a daily basis. I’m not involved in a specific exercise program, but I participate in sports such as, football and basketball. How did you score and what will you do next?

I identified 3 key barriers; lack of energy, lack of willpower, and lack of resources. I expected both the lack of energy and willpower, but I wasn’t expecting the lack of resources to be one of my barriers. I’m going to look for an exercise program suitable for me and set a specific goal when I’m exercising. For example, I can work out for 30 minutes 3 times a week and check it off my list when I accomplish that. Also, I’m going to set up reminders to motivate me to go workout even when I may feel like I don’t want to.

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