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Physical Exercise

Introduction Overview of Diabetes Type I What is diabetes type I Health implications of diabetes type I Physical Activity What is physical activity? Why do we need physical activity in our lives? Physical Activity and Diabetes (Epidemiology) Conclusion Bibliography Introduction For our seminar topic "physical activity and disease" we chose diabetes as the focus of our research. Since diabetes is such a complex disease with many...

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Effects Of Exercise On Cardiovascular Function

 Effects of Exercise on Cardiovascular Function Fierra Harris Saginaw Valley State University Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide that affects the heart and the surrounding vasculature (Mathers et al. 2009). CVD can be brought on by behavioral or inherited characteristics such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, family history, and a sedentary lifestyle (World Health Organization, 2013). These conditions and thus cardiovascular disease...

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Exercise Effects on the Body

The Effects of Exercise on the Body In society exercise is most commonly associated with weight loss; however exercise has many other implications not limited to the physical body, but a person's mind and lifestyle as well. Beginning an exercise regimen is often referred to as a lifestyle change, and that is exactly what exercise can do, change a person's life. The general assumption that an individual can lose weight through physical activity is true, however exercise can also have a positive...

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Health Benefits of Exercise

Health Benefits of Exercise Regular exercise can help protect you from heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, noninsulin-dependent diabetes, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and can improve your mood and help you to better manage stress. For the greatest overall health benefits, experts recommend that you do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activity three or more times a week and some type of muscle strengthening activity and stretching at least twice a week. However, if you are unable...

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Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health. It is performed for many different reasons. These include strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance and for enjoyment. Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system, and helps prevent the "diseases of affluence" such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.[1][2] It also improves mental...

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Exercise vs. Diet Pills

Exercise vs. Diet Pills Sapphire Stafford Matsu-Susitna College PRPE 108 P34 12-10-12 Exercise vs. Diet Pills Many Americans today are fighting obesity. They long for a quick fix, one that comes easy without pain and sweat. But for most that is not a possibility. There are many diet pills out on the market today that claim to melt the fat away, nothing has to change. You don’t have to diet, you don’t have to exercise, just take a pill and it all goes away. While there are many pills that...

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Physical exercise

Physical Exercise Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness. It is performed for various reasons. These include strengthening muscles and cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance and for enjoyment. Physical exercise boosts the immune system, and helps prevent the “diseases of affluence” such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease. It also improves mental health, helps prevent depression...

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Eating Habits and Exercise Behaviors

Eating Habits and Exercise Behaviors in Children Children have many transitions that they to go through every year toward becoming an adult. Each child goes through different phases as they change. However, some children have a tough time transitioning. Different children have different eating habits, good and bad. Exercise habits are usually parallel with a Childs eating habits. Children are characterized by their eating habits, how they exercise and their sleeping pattern. Newborns eat healthy...

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Expository Essay on Exercise and Obesity

exercise and obesity Carla Henry UNV-104 04/11/2013 Alli Holladay Association between Sleep Disorders Exercise and Obesity plays a huge part in the United States today. The way people today eat and exercise plays a factor on what their sleeping habits become as they get older Thesis Statement: In this assignment I will Endeavour to tackle the issues of the link between Sleep Disorders, Obesity, and Exercise. Some say that a decreased amount of...

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Physical Education Important in Schools

Joe Smith John Jones English-100 27 June, 2011 “Positive Outcomes of Physical Education” Physical education budgets are being cut even though it has clearly been proven that students who actively participate in Physical Education from Kindergarten through twelfth grade not only improve their overall health, but also strengthen their academic achievements. In 2001 the Congress passed a bill called “No Child Left Behind”. The bill called for states to come up with a standardized...

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The Benefits of Physical Activity

The Benefits of Physical Activity Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally. Regular moderate intensity physical activity – such as walking, cycling, or participating in sports – has significant benefits for health Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you...

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Physical Activity in Early Childhood

Physical Activity In Early Childhood Physical activity is important for the healthy growth and development of all children. This essay will be focusing on the importance of physical activity on the early childhood aged children, ranging from the ages of two up until the age of six. Discussing factors such as why physical activity is important for children, what role a teacher plays in addressing and preventing childhood obesity and will also outline four ways that teachers can assist in preventing...

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Diet And Exercise Analysis Presentation

Diet and Exercise Analysis Presentation By: Cynthia Bonilla Individual Goal Statement My individual goal was to lose 160 pounds. It was to eat more healthier and balance out my meals. When I first started this class I was very unhealthy and my eating habits were off time schedule. I never monitored what I ate nor cared. Since weeks past stress was taking a toll and I was eating less, but still unhealthy. I was beginning to notice that I was not doing the right thing and eating the right way. Towards...

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Self-esteem and Physical Contact

feelings.|never||| 14. I am able to express my feelings.|never||| 15. I like to be accepted by others.|||always| 16. Physical contact makes me happy.|never||| 17. I set limits on time with my friends.||sometimes|| 18. I make my own decisions.||sometimes|| 1. Using the chart, determine the area/areas where you are weak. (10 points) a. Expressing my feelings b. Physical contact c. Asking for help 3. Using the chart, determine two of your strengths. (10 points) a. Making...

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Benefits of Physical Exercise

Speech Title: Physical Exercise- A Key Element in Your Health and Happiness General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: I want to educate my audience on three of the amazing benefits they can experience from regular physical exercise including: Losing excess body fat, increased emotional well-being, and increased strength and endurance. Introduction: I. Attention Getter: (question) Can anyone tell me what percentage of adults in the US are overweight? How about how many Americans regularly...

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Why People Should Exercise More

Period Why People Should Exercise More Physical exercise is one of the most important things in the world. With proper exercise you can avoid or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, and improve your brain power. Now wouldn’t that be nice? If you were to get exercise regularly you could become a doctor with your brain power, and with that much skill you could help cure people of these formidable illnesses. They key to doing this, exercise, is an activity that for centuries...

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Exercise vs. Diet in Weight Loss

Shadava Ruttlen COM/155 Exercise vs. Diet in Weight Loss INTRODUCTION It is estimated that 55% of the adult population in the United States are either obese or overweight (National Institutes of Health, National Heart Lung, and Blood Institute, 1998). Obesity substantially increases an individual’s risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension, coronary artery disease, and diabetes. Those with excess fat in the abdominal area are at increased health risk (National Institutes...

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Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise Vs. Surgery Obesity has become an epidemic not only in America but also all over the world, and many times people are taking the easy way out with costly surgery over natural weight loss of diet and exercise. A person is considered obese when he or she has a body mass index of at least 30 or has developed a medical condition from being obese and in the United States obesity affects 149.3 million people every year. Losing weight for anyone can be difficult and there...

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Childhood Obesity and Physical Education

“Schools serve as an excellent venue to provide students with opportunity for daily physical activity, to teach the importance of regular physical activity for health, and to build skills that support active lifestyles”(Robert wood foundation, 2007). In today’s modern society, the importance of physical activity in a child’s development needs to be recognised and promoted. It is important that teachers and parents encourage and facilitate students to participate in programs which enable them to be...

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diet &exercise

Diet and exercise vs. Liposuction Com 155 Do you know that you may not a candidate for liposuction if you are really over weight? The fact is most doctors will not do liposuction on obese people. If you are obese and need to lose weight you’re best idle is to check with your doctor for a perception and a diet and exercise program. There so many different ways to lose weight two of them are diet and exercise is one and another is liposuction. Do to risk factors it is important for some...

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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan University of Phoenix Leading a nutritious and healthy lifestyle with the incorporation of exercise is the path I am currently walking on and will continue to follow in my later years. Following the healthy eating plan I currently put myself on is a step in the right direction and the many steps that will follow will be the guide to a continuous nutritional lifestyle. I am currently living with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS). ...

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Lap-Band Versus Diet and Exercise

Lap-Band versus Diet and Exercising Which weight loss option is more beneficial, surgery or diet and exercise? When considering a weight loss method, this is an important question to think about. In the United States obesity is an epidemic affecting 149.3 million people every year (American Heart Association, 2011). A person is considered obese when he or she has a body mass index (BMI) of at least 30 and or has developed medical conditions from being obese. Losing weight for an obese person...

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Qualitative Study of Reasons for Women (Non) Participating in Physical Recreation

Qualitative Study of Reasons for Women (Non) Participating in Physical Recreation Tyson Introduction Qualitative Research is the study of different phenomena’s in their natural settings, attempting to make sense of or to interpret the phenomena in terms of the meanings people bring to them. It involves an interpretive, naturalistic approach to its subject matter and gives the priority to what the data contribute to important research questions and previously existing information (Denzin...

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3 Day Diet Analysis: Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan SCI 241 February 24, 2012 Over the past nine weeks this course has had me evaluating my eating and exercise habits. I examined my eating habits using the USDA Food Pyramid Guide and was provided with recommendations on what and how much I should be eating. This information combined with recommended exercises and information I learned in this class has led me to creating a personalized nutritional diet and exercise plan that should help keep me...

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Childhood Obesity and Physical Activity – Is there an issue?

According to the Ministry of Transport %40.74 of New Zealand children get dropped off to school every day, even though most of their schools are within walking distance. This takes away easy physical activity opportunities. Because they have school every day, this could help obese children improve their physical fitness. A big reason why most parents provide transport for their children to school is safety. There are many harmful people roaming the streets of New Zealand and children are vulnerable...

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Heart Disease and Exercise

annually. Regardless of the high risks of heart disease and failure which are reported, researchers have found that exercise and other preventative methods can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50 percent and exercise applied to those who have experienced congestive heart failure also helps in improving the overall functionality of the patient. Overall, researchers have found that exercise combined with quitting smoking, reducing cholesterol levels, loss of weight in those who are overweight and for...

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Sci 241 Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan *Final*

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Your Name Goes Here SCI 241 Axia College Staying or being healthy is not always as easy as it seems, but with proper knowledge and tools it can easily be achieved. In order for myself to have a more active and healthier life style, I would have to change some crucial things in my current everyday nutrition and exercise routine. With positive changes to my exercise routine and diet, I can have plenty of positive outcomes, which will assist in my general...

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The Correlation Between Obesity, Depression, and Physical Activity

Some of the major comorbities of obesity include coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis (Grundy, et al. 1999; NIDDK, 2003; Veronelli, et al. 2004). Television, videogames, the internet, high fat low-cost food, low physical activity level, and a low level of education puts society at risk for obesity because all of these factors combine to make a inactive lifestyle. According to Cottam (2004) this utilitarian lifestyle, the pleasure first attitude predisposes people...

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Exercise to Reduce Stress

EXERCISE TO REDUCE STRESS Increase productivity while reducing stress through exercise Have you ever felt anxious and tried to relax yet it just makes you feel more agitated? You try to figure out what's bothering you and that doesn't work either? We suggest you consider the possibility that you need exercise. Cortisol vs Endorphins ■ When you worry or something makes you upset, adrenaline, cortisol, lactate and various chemicals are released into your blood stream. This also includes...

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Obesity and Physical Activity

young children's physical activity and movement skills 1.1 Explain why physical activity is important to the short and long term health and well being of children Physical activity is very important to short and long term health and well being of children. In short term physical activity it helps the children to build up their muscles, develop their skeletal frame and develops the heart and function, it also helps to prevent obesity in children. If children get enough physical activity during...

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Aerobic Exercises during Pregnancy

Aerobic Exercises During Pregnancy Each workout or exercise session should consist of three parts: a warm-up period, the aerobic workout, and a cool-down period. The Warm-Up Don't neglect this. No aerobic workout should be started on a "cold" body. Warm-up moves signal your body that more vigorous activity is coming and prevent injury by releasing muscle tension and making the body more flexible. Spend a minimum of five minutes (ten minutes is much better) stretching and limbering up. Stretch...

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Physical Education-Essay on Personal Examination

The phase I believe I am in is cognitive level as I can do the beginner skills at medium level. The factors affecting my performance would be my ankle and knee; I had surgery on my ankle last year and my knee has only recently started to play up. Physical education Book. The implications on my learning are that my friends can be distracting and I am a hand on learner. The evidence that I am bad at volleyball is obvious when I play with other people more experienced. Research & Background information ...

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Diet Pills vs. Diet and Exercise

find one that works with the daily routine and the lifestyle. Whether it is on Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig, E-diets, diet pills, surgeries or with diet and exercise or any other one of the methods out there. Instead of using diet pills that only work when a person is taking them, the healthiest and safest way to lose weight is with diet and exercise. The most important thing is how these things can make life healthier for anyone who wants to lose weight. When trying to lose weight on diet...

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Checklist: 1988 and Submit Review Exercise

review exercises A - L Submit Review Exercise Ch. 4 - B Submit Review Exercise Ch. 4 - E Submit Review Exercise Ch. 4 - F Submit Review Exercise Ch. 4 - G Submit Review Exercise Ch. 4 - H Submit Review Exercise Ch. 4 - I Submit Review Exercise Ch. 4 - J Chapter test review Chapter 4 Test Jones Chapter 12 Read & study chapter Watch slideshow Do review exercises A - M Submit Review Exercise Ch. 12 - A Submit Review Exercise Ch. 12 - B Submit Review Exercise Ch. 12 - D Submit Review Exercise Ch. 12...

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Diet and exercise vs Diet pills

 Dieting and Exercise vs. Diet Pills Yolanda Turner Com/170 March 11, 2014 Mr. Compton When it comes to finding a method on losing weight there is no wrong or right way. There are so many new thing out on the market. You have to find one that will fit your busy lifestyle. A while back I started to diet by eating a lot of fruits, and vegetables, and staying away from the sugary sodas. I made a routine to walk at least thirty minutes a day the laziest...

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After Viewing the Simpson’s Describe the Influences on Homers Overall Health and Level of Physical Activity Using the Six Key Factors Identified in the Syllabus.-Lifestyle Heredity, Motivation, Priorities, Education and Environment.

After viewing The Simpsons it has become apparent that the six key factors influencing homers overall health and physical activity play a big part in his life. Homer’s Heredity factors influencing his overall health and level of physical activity are hard to determine as he is a cartoon character and no real evidence of his family’s history has been shown in the popular TV series. But for example if his father had suffered from a heredity disease he might possibly have taken or take his health...

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Compare and Contrast Paper Diet Pills Versus Diet and Exercise

Diet pills versus diet and exercise Dieting among people today has become a worldwide phenomenon. With more than one billion Americans experiencing obesity, there is a high demand for people looking for a way to lose weight. Many people are looking for a fast, and easy way to lose weight. To achieve the weight loss at a faster rate, they are reaching for diet pills rather than changing their habits. People are so obsessed with losing weight that the sales of diet pills have reached over one billion...

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Persuasive Speech Outline

Outline – Lacy Thompson Topic: why you should exercise Audience Analysis: since most of my audiences are students with a job, I will focus on how exercise can boost your energy, and mental health to get more accomplished in school. General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to exercise. Thesis: It’s hard being a student and working at the same time, and find energy for both. I will show you why starting an exercise program can boost your energy and your mental...

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Is high intense exercise the most efficient training condition in regards to weight loss due to greater energy expenditure?

LABORATORY BASED CLIENT REPORT 1. Introduction Obesity is an ongoing issue and prevalence worldwide is constantly increasing (Cameron et al., 2003). A study area of great interest is the relationship between weight loss or the loss of fat mass and exercise intensity. Metabolic function, energy sources and energy expenditure all have great influence on the success of weight loss. For efficient metabolic function the human body requires an ongoing energy source. This energy source comes from the...

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Exergame Research Paper

Jackie Fernandez April 12, 2011 Engl 102 – 080 Research Essay “Let’s Get Physical, Physical…” Physical inactivity is a serious health issue among children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends one hour of physical activity, daily, in order to stay healthy. While watching television is a favorite sedentary pastime and a popular choice of entertainment, the use of video games has been dominantly proliferate among children. Video gaming is often described as an unhealthy...

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Obesity in Todays Society

For good healthy long life, more energy and greater happiness, among many other benefits, the importance of regular exercise and a proper diet can't be understated. These two factors together are the most pivotal to determining a person's overall health, and adopting them both can make a dramatic difference in how you look and feel. Health Benefits According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a healthy diet means eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat...

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research proposal

Introduction The relationship between exercise and mental health: reducing stress College students are among a significant population who experience extremely high levels of stress. According to the CDC one out of five college students have reported being stressed (CDC, 2012). The pressures of being a successful student and maintaining good grades along with juggling work, extracurricular activities, and a social life, are all factors that cause increased levels of stress and anxiety among...

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The Effects of Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

health but also determines the way one lives their life. The word sedentary means being use to resting a great deal and exercising little. Therefore, someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle neglects to participate in physical activity and does things that only require minimal physical stress. It is an environmental disease with many signs and symptoms that can be potentially deadly. Some people live sedentary lifestyles because they are lazy, while others work a job that requires them to be sedentary...

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Childhood Obesity Research

It is not only U.S's problem, but also every other countries. For example, "childhood obesity in developed countries can has been increasing since 1971"(Degahn). The most serious problems that causing childhood obesity are eating habits, lack of exercise, and advertising of food. Basically, obesity means the condition of being extremely overweight. There is a standard to measure among child is normal or obesity or overweight. "It can be defined as an excess of body fat. There is no consensus on...

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Childhood Obesity: Cause and Effect

playing outside, physical education programs being cut from our schools and technology causing the child to be in front of a computer and sedentary versus outside playing. Awareness of proper nutritional choices for children needs to begin at home and reinforced by offering correct food choices and educated in classrooms to our children in our schools. The results of obese children, specifically teenagers, range from bulimia, poor self-esteem and body dysmorphia as well as physical and emotional health...

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Practical Science Report

mild exercise, moderate exercise and finally back to the resting heart rate again. Aim – This experiment involves two parties who partake in exercise and take each other’s heart rate responses several times at resting point and thereafter mild and moderate exercise. The aim is to check the difference in heart rate response from resting point and thereafter, physical activity. Hypothesis – The outcome of this experiment showed an increase in heart rate when physical activity (exercise) was...

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The Causes of Being Overweight and Obese

problem in the western society. There are more obese and overweight adults and children than it was a few decades ago. Although there are many reasons for obesity, there are three significant causes of being overweight and obese: poor diet, Lack of exercise, and the western world lifestyle. One of the most obvious causes why people are overweight is their poor diet, in other words bad eating habits. Many people preferred to eat junk food in fast food restaurants, or heat up prepared meals at home. When...

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Persuasive Speech

Section 10 Mandatory Physical Education General Purpose: To persuade Speech Goal: I want to persuade my classmates that physical education should be mandatory in grades K-12, yet reforms should be made to make it mandatory. Introduction: I. How many times have you thought about wanting to work out to keep up a “fit and healthy” lifestyle, but did not know the criteria for a certain workout or even how much you should be doing during a week? Making physical education in grades kindergarten...

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Sedentary Lifestyles

the term used to describe a lifestyle with little to no physical activity. The activities of a person living a sedentary lifestyle include reading, sitting, watching television, being on the computer, and playing video games for much of, if not, the entire day. The questions at hand is what are the reasons behind living a sedentary lifestyle, what health issues can come from it, and why this lifestyle is not healthy? The lack of physical activity is believed to be a factor of obesity; this can...

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HSC 3211: Case Study of a Patient

Sundus Siddiqui HSC 3211: Case study #3 11/18/12 1) In light of the new results, discuss the increased importance for Patient X to start a diet, quit smoking and increase physical activity in line with his doctor’s recommendations. It is very important for Patient X to start a diet, quit smoking, and increase physical activity. This patient has a history of hypertension, for which he is already on medication. To reduce blood pressure, it is essential to follow a diet that is low on salt intake...

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Childhood Obesity

children is obese because they consume big amounts of food; indeed it might be one of the reasons. According to Niamh Mullen “child are overweight because they don’t do any physical activity.” Obesity is a serious issue among children and there are complex reasons that can cause it, principally by poor eating habits, lack of any physical activity and family history of obesity. Overweight in children is not being a few pounds higher than normal, “obesity in childhood is when a kid is 10% higher than what...

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Current Issues in Lifespan Development

obesity. Physical actives happen to be the main contribution among obese children. Today children do not want to involve in physical actives as in the past, but involved in technology actives. Physical actives such as riding bikes, playing outdoor sports and exercise are decreasing while watching television, playing video games and, surfing Internet has increase. Obesity children who weight are causing discomfort and joint pain afraid to complain because doctors are recommending impact exercise. Overweight...

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through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force.[7] More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves.[8][9][10] Physics is the field of science that studies the physical world. From the large (galaxies, planets, etc) to the small (how proteins fold, atoms, etc) physics plays a role. It is a natural science that studies the properties of matter, motion, force, energy, space and time. Physics has a number of divisions...

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How to Increase Stamina in Basketball with Physical Exercises

How to Improve Stamina in Basketball with Physical Exercises Basketball is a sport that needs high stamina, because basketball is a fast and energetic sport. Adrenaline is high in every game makes heart rate beating faster and only people who have high stamina that can hold out to play until the end of the game. Basketball players have to train hard to build the stamina in order to the body does not get tired quickly when playing basketball. Basketball players can do many training to improve stamina...

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Top Report-Healthy Lifestyles - Brazil - March 2014

Introduction Definitions Abbreviations Executive Summary The issues Brazilians’ eating habits: characteristics and trends Figure 1: Selected eating habits, by age group and children in household, October 2013 Physical activity Figure 2: Agreement with statements about physical activity/exercising, in relation to a healthy lifestyle, October 2013 Awareness of health issues and attitudes toward a healthy lifestyle Figure 3: Agreement with selected statement about general lifestyles, 2012-13 ...

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Debate Paper - Childhood Obesity

following: Should childhood obesity be an issue that is dealt with at a more serious level that includes parents and schools being proactive? Obesity is a condition that causes medical and psychological issues and can be prevented by proper diet and exercise to protect our American population from childhood and in the future. Children today are bullied more than ever due to the increase of obesity. Society sees a story in the news about crib recalls or toys made with a product that is deemed poisonous...

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Type Ii Diabetes: Obesity

that increase a person’s tendency toward developing type II diabetes. Modifiable risk factors include obesity, physical inactivity and poor dietary habits are just a few. The incidence in overweight and obesity is responsible for the increase in the prevalence and management of type II diabetes, but a lifestyle adjustment aimed at reducing or monitoring weight and increasing physical activity is the resolution for overweight and obese patients with type II diabetes. First, weight management in...

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Do Western Diets and Lifestyle Negatively Affect People’s Health?

think western diets and lifestyle are healthy to people. It is a common knowledge that health includes three aspects: physical health, mental health, and social well-being health, not just without any disease. Western diets refer to the food as red meat, sugary desserts and drinks, high-fat foods and refined grains, etc. Western lifestyle is the lifestyle of low levels of exercise, more consumption of fast food, sedentary lifestyle, more online communication than face-to-face contact, smoking, drinking...

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Weight Loss Essay

excuses as to why they cannot lose weight. Losing weight, eating healthy and finding time to exercise are the biggest complaints of most individuals that are overweight. According to Rob B (par 1), so many people fail at losing weight because they are lazy. Many people would like to lose weight and exercise but because of jobs, families and other priorities, it makes it difficult to find time to exercise. Every time you cut on the television, there are commercials referencing weight loss,...

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Swimming as a Good Habit

age of seven, my brother trained me how to swim. Since then, I have become and swimming enthusiast. Why is swimming a good habit for me and should everybody adopt it? Swimming is an excellent sport that has helped me to have an excellent physical appearance. The sport is fantastic recreational activity while at the same time offers me an excellent recreational activity. Everybody should seek the benefits of the sport since it brings pleasure as a hobby, while giving the swimmer a chance to...

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