Relationship Between Physical Activity, Exercise and Health

Topics: Auckland, Exercise, New Zealand Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Physical Education

Critically discuss the relationship between physical activity, exercise and health and what whey means for society?

Councils such as north shore city and Auckland promote being healthy and active on there websites. They encourage the community to get out there and become physically fit and active in the greater community. Also adverts on television such as push play ads, alcohol ads and depression ads help to inform the community about health and the effects that health has on people and there friends and family. Health has a big effect on the society and the community, getting out there and using the facility’s provided are the best opportunities to get out and meet new people and at the same time have fun, get fit and get healthy.

The community leaders such as the councils aim to meet the wide range of activities and health needs for individuals and groups by providing them with opportunities to do physical activities. The councils provide the community with areas such as clean parks and beaches to walk and jog and exercise. After looking at the north shore city councils website it provides you with many areas and suggestions to get out there and become physically active. With buildings such as the north shore leisure centre, which allows you to go to the gym, play basketball, go swimming, rock climbing etc. And having parks and beaches and sports fields, which allows you to play soccer, rugby, cricket and softball etc. North shore city council has over 32 sports parks and 90 sports fields dedicated to the community getting out there and becoming active. As well as parks and leisure centre’s there are also over 140km worth beaches and coast line which are always open to the public to use to walk, to swim, and to play beach sports such as soccer and volleyball. The council also provides the public with suggestions if they are stuck on ideas on what to do to get physically active. A link of the...
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