Physical Exercise and Sports

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Extracurricular activities are extremely important in the development of children and young adults. Kids need daily activities outside of school in order to have a variety of interests and keep busy. Physical activity is especially important for children, so what better than to play a sport? Sports provide a number of benefits for youth such as staying fit, building social skills and relationships, and finally learning personal values.

Playing sports regularly allows for children to stay fit and have strong healthy bodies. Activities such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball use exercises such as running, jumping, and stretching, which aid in physical and mental health. For example, playing sports since an early age helps strengthen bones and muscles. Studies by researchers from the Bone & Joint Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Center have shown that by doing as little as 12-20 minute weight training or running exercises can increase bone density and helps prevent bone loss later in life. Being physically fit can also decrease chance of obesity and disease as an adult. The American Heart Association (AHA) addresses the importance of sports, saying that physical activity has been associated with an increased life expectancy and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Finally, sports enhance mental health also. It has been proven that exercise releases natural chemicals called endorphins, which enhance moods and a feeling of well-being. After a long day at school, it’s nice to let off some steam and get the blood flowing.

Athletics not only help to stay healthy, but also encourages social interaction with other kids. Sports like baseball and water polo can improve social skills, facilitating interaction and communication with others, which are extremely important as an adult. Statistics show that children who participate in team sports develop higher social interaction skills than kids who do not. Being on a team can also help youth...
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