BIS 320 Week 3 Individual Assignment

Topics: Computer network, Database management system, Local area network Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: December 18, 2013

Determining Databases and Communications

Scenario 1
Today’s world is one that is driven by technology. It’s almost a “get on board or get left behind” situation. Getting dressed, driving to the mall, and walking around shopping are being replaced by staying in pajamas, walking to a computer, and shopping on There are benefits to both situations but it’s up to choose how they would like to conduct business. As business men and women the situation can become a bit more complicated. The following examples help to clarify this statement. As a marketing assistant that’s in charge of setting up the company booth at trade shows to generate new business, it’s very critical that everything be organized. There are a lot of moving parts involved with setting up a trade show booth. Although the core components of the physical booth remain the same the equipment displayed will vary depending on the show, location, and product development.

Let’s break down the overall task into smaller sections. For example: 1. Following a trade show reservation, a meeting is held with marketing managers to determine what the preference is for equipment display. 2. Identify with the marketing manager’s guidance what specific components are needed, gather them, label them using a barcode/scan system, and create a “parts list”. 3. Arrange a shipping company to deliver parts to the trade show. 4. Receive and inventory the shipment upon arrival at the trade show location. 5. Supervise trade show personnel during booth and equipment setup and subsequent dismantle. 6. Inventory the parts list during dismantle.

7. Arrange a shipping company to deliver parts to the home office. 8. Receive and inventory the shipment upon arrival to the home office. 9. Place booth components back into storage and all equipment to stock. 10. Address any issues with shipping damage, loss, and provide lessons learned feedback for process improvement. Typical fields of...

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