Cis 207 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Information in this day and age is power. Because if you look at information all it is a collection of knowledge stored within a database for people to look at. This article goes over information and how it is used in my company, how we use our information and the safeguards we use from the employee as an individual and as a company to protect our clients

Information and my organization
Information is the key to any organization in the world today; it is what makes an organization successful, accurate and proficient in an increasingly competitive market. Without information a company is powerless, it does not know its customer or understand them, it does is not able to cater to their needs, and it’s not able to follow-up on those needs after the initial needs are met. In my paper I’m going to go over how my organization which is a large retail chain (which I won’t name for confidentiality reasons) functions. I will go over what we information we keep, How we use it in everyday business, and how we protect it from competitors, fraud and even insider threat.

To begin with one must ask themselves what information is important. Too much information and you make your customer feel uncomfortable, however not enough and your unable to help the customer when he needs to because you lack what you need. At my organization in the monthly billing department, at the customer level, we keep the customer’s name, phone numbers, Address and Email address as well as notes of previous conversations. With the exception of name we can have multiple of each of these entries. On the product level we maintain, the name of the product, the serial number, the product Contract number, credit card information and purchase history.

So as you can see there’s a lot of information that is very useful here. But it’s only useful if it can be used in a beneficial matter. At my company we use...
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