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Virtual Private Network

Assignment 1 Network Hardening Network Hardening Network Layout 4 : VPN (Remote Access Domain) – Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with VPN software and Secure Socket Layer/VPN (SSL/VPN) tunnels A Virtual Private Network or VPN enables a computer or network-enabled device to send and receive data through shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while it’s benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. It was...

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Network Proposal...

The proposed network is designed to serve The Banana Tree Travel Agency and remote site office. The proposed office located in Cairo, Egypt will have two employees to better serve their international customers. The second site will have a 12 port patch panel, a 12 port Cisco switch, a Cisco router, and a Cisco ASA. The building adjacent to the main office, which is part of the same domain/network, will house 10 to 15 more travel agents. I will set up a file server so all users can have access to...

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Assess the Security Threats Facing Network Infrastructure

the security threats facing network Infrastructure Evaluate mitigation methods for network attacks and different types of malware Propose a methodical concept of defending network architecture Network architecture defense A job brief is the clients understanding of their requirements. You need to prepare a plan of your secured network for the client’s approval. A network design plan consists of the physical and the logical views of the network. A physical network is the hardware such as cables...

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Describe the Latest Development in Networks and Communications

Construct :S07 Current and Future Development in Network and Communications Aspect : LA3.S07.1 Describe the Latest Development in Networks and Communications Instrument : Written Assignments Name : Nor Hidayah binti Hairi Form : 4 Inovatif IC no : 950906-14-5580 Names of group : 1)Nurazrin...

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 SMK USJ 12, UEP Subang Jaya SO7: Latest Development in Network Communication NAMA: Haresheran A/L Sahathevan IC: 980625-56-5383 FORM: 4 MIDORI ASSESOR’S NAME: ................................................ ........................................... CANDIDATES SIGNATURE ASSESOR’S SIGNATURE NO TITLE PAGE 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 2.1 2.2 Mobile computing...

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S07 the Latest Development in Networks and Communication

S07.1 The Latest Development in Networks and Communications. NAME : NURHAYATI BINTI OMAR CLASS : 4 GAMMA I\C : 960213-14-5552 GROUP MEMBER: NURFADHILAH BT AZMAN NURUL AMALIYA BT MOHD NOR AZAM Contents 2.0 Mobile Computing 2.1 Definition 2.2 Spefication,Service And Frequencies Of Mobile Computing 3.0 Internet Technology And Services 3.1 VoIP 3.2 Blog 4.0 Types Of Networks 5.1 PAN 5.2 VPN 5.3 WLAN 5.4 WIMAX 5.0 Conclusion Reference ...

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Network Design Plan Review of Related Study

bebe june bebe june Review of Related Literature Review of Related Literature The literature review is about the study of the network design of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, wherein there are different networks or technologies to be used and the security purposes of the office. This review also includes the possible devices to be used, according to our client it is convenient of any devices the important thing is that traffic within every...

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Project Proposal Network Redudency

 RANA INSTITUTE OF HIGHER STUDIES Proposal for BIT LAN Network Design with Redundancy Submitted By Student Name goes here Approvals Supervisor Name & Sign: _____________________________________ (Project Supervisor) Date Submitted: _____________________________________________ Approved & signed by: _________________________________________ (Head of Computer Science Department) Date Approved: _____________________________________________ 1.0 Introduction ...

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Virtual Private Network

VPN Defined: So what is a good definition of Virtual Private Networking? Simply defined, a VPN is a “virtual network that is kept private by “tunneling” private data through the underlying infrastructure of a public Internet. VPN technology provides a way of using public network infrastructures, such as the Internet, to provide private, secure access to applications and company resources to employees in remote or home offices, to business partners, and even to customers. A VPN is one or more...

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Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks Abstract With the increasing popularity of the Internet, new technologies have introduced to provide secure access to the resources from remote clients. Virtual Private Networks are becoming the most universal method for remote access. They enable service provider to take advantage of the power of Internet by providing a private tunnel through the public cloud to realize cost savings and productivity enhancements from remote access applications...

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