Biology: Multiple Choice Questions

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Multiple Choice Questions
Choose the correct answers from the following:

1. _________ described the circulation of blood in 13th century.

(Bu Ali Sina, Ali Bin Isa, Ibn-Al Nafees)

2. Each fore limb of frog has _________ fingers.

(4, 5, 6)

3. Fruit is formed by the enlargement of _________.

(Stigma, Style, Ovary)

4. The earthworm belongs to the phylum _________.

(Nematoda, Annelida, Mollusca)

5. The saliva contains an enzyme known as _________, which acts on carbohydrates.

(Lipase, Trypsin, Ptyalin)

6. _________ tissues specialize in contraction.

(Connective, Muscle, Nervous)

7. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of _________.

(Insulin, Glucagon, Iodine)

8. There are _________ chromosomes in each cell of a human being.

(24, 32, 46)

9. “Al-Qanun Fi-Tibb” is written by _________.

(Al-Tabra, Al-Farabi, Bu Ali Sina)

10. _________ is the sensory layer of the eye.

(Sclerotic, Retina, Choroid)

11. Cockroach belongs to the phylum _________.

(Annelida, Arthropoda, Nematoda)

12. There are _________ toes in each foot of frog.

(4, 3, 5)

13. Monotropa and Neottia exist as _________.

(Parasites, Saprophytes, Insectivores)

14. The movements in Rifolium and in the flowers of Zafaran are _________.

(Nastic, Tropic, Tactic)

15. Diabetes is caused by the deficiency of _________.

(Thiamine, Insulin, Iodine)

16. _________ are important in the synthesis of proteins.

(Ribosomes, Centrosomes, Chloroplast, Lysosomes)

17. Stem increases in thickness due to _________.

(Cambium, Epidermis, Hypodermis, Endodermis)

18. The inner wall of the stomach secretes _________ and hydrochloric acid.

(Ptyalin, Pepsin, Trypsin, Lipase)

19. Smut attacks _________.

(Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, Seeds)

20. The liver of frog is composed of _________ lobe/lobes.

(1, 2, 3, 4)

21. The organs meant to receive the information are called _________.

(Sensory neutrons, Effectors, Receptors, Motor Nerves)

22. Sea anemone belongs to the phylum _________.

(Protozoa, Coelenterata, Porifera, Platyhelminthes)

23. Al-Nabatiat was written by _________.

(Ali Bin Isa, Abu Hanifa, Al-Daturi)

24. The fourth whorl of a flower is known as _________.

(Corolla, Gynoecium, Calyx, Androecium)

25. _________ are flesh eaters.

(Omnivorous, Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Parasites)

26. A group of cells with similar structure and function is called _________.

(Organism, Organ, Organelle, Tissue, none of the above)

27. _________ of the following groups of organisms lack nucleus.

(Cocci, Mosses, Diatoms, Fungi, Euglena)

28. Ferns belong to the group _________.

(Bryophytes, Algae, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms)

29. The body wall consists only two layers of cells in _________.

(Flatworms, Coelenterates, Sponges, Ascaris, Tapeworm)

30. Joined limbs are present in _________.

(Octopus, Hookworms, Hydra, Spiders, Star fishes)

31. _________ and _________ contains combination of plants which produce seeds.

(Hibiscus and Algae, Mosses and Ferns, Mosses and Conifers, Fungi and Conifers, Conifers and hibiscus)

32. _________ groups are said to form “base of food chain’’ because of their photosynthetic ability.

(Bacilli, Bryophytes, Fungi, Algae, Poriferans)

33. The tissue of green leaf where major photosynthesis occurs is _________.

(Mesophyll, Epidermis, Phloem, Xylem)

34. _________ is a rich source of Carbohydrate.

(Milk, Fish fingers, Potato chips, Boiled egg, Roast beef)

35. The last source of chemical energy in a starved person deprived of food is _________.

(Muscles of his body, body fat, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and minerals, Bones)

36. _________ storage material in plants is most readily utilized for release of energy.

(Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Oil)

37. _________ and _________ are the products that are formed when yeast cells respire anaerobically.

(Glucose and Oxygen, Carbon dioxide...
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