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  • Plants

    PLANTS Plants in Our Daily Life A plant(also called green plants) is a multi-cellular living organism‚member of kingdom Plantae.It is at the base of the food web and are Autotrophs.Plants are considered as backbone of all life on Earth and essential resource for living oragnisms.Plants can be reffered as a factory which processes light into energy and manufactures food for it ownself as well as for other living things.Scientists have foundmore than 270‚000 spieces of plants They include a host of

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  • Plant

    Plants‚ also called green plants (Viridiplantae in Latin)‚ are living organisms of the kingdom Plantae including such multicellular groups as flowering plants‚ conifers‚ ferns and mosses‚ as well as‚ depending on definition‚ the green algae‚ but not red or brown seaweeds like kelp‚ nor fungi or bacteria. Green plants have cell walls with cellulose and characteristically obtain most of their energy from sunlight via photosynthesis using chlorophyll contained in chloroplasts‚ which gives them their

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  • Similarities Between Plants And Plants

    Plants and animals have a lot of things in common so much in fact i couldn’t fit half of them into this essay‚ there similarities and differences span from the smallest things like cells to huge thing like the whole organism. One thing that plants and animals both have in common is the fact that they adapt‚ the main thing isn’t that they adapt though it’s why they do it. Animals‚ plants‚ and humans all share the same thing they have a will to live in different ways maybe or some might want to live

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  • Evolution in Plants

    surface of water and mud. Algae were evolving at the water’s edge‚ and one group – probably the charophytes – gave rise to plants. Cooksonia‚ a simple branching plant a few centimeters tall‚ evolved by 430 million years ago. It took another 160 million years for the taller Psilophyton to evolve. Then the evolutionary pace picked up. It took only 60 million years for plants radiate from the swampy lowlands to high mountains and nearly all places in between. They did so through modifications in

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  • Plant Competition

    provide insight to the leading explanation for the developmental characteristics of individuals of a given species grown within high-density populations (Ungar‚ 1992). Developmental changes in; proportion of surviving individuals‚ forage biomass‚ plant height‚ number of seeds per individual‚ mean biomass of seeds per individual‚ number of seeds per pod‚ and mean root biomass will be observed among B. rapa low density populations against B. rapa high density populations to determine the density-dependent

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  • plant experiment

    Experimenting with Plant Growth Team Rocket Science Introduction: The purpose of the experiment was to establish whether the concentration of Schultz fertilizer that was added to the radish seeds effects the speed of growth during the six-week time frame of the study. The major variables with this study are proficient communications among the team‚ the seeds‚ soil‚ water concentration‚ fertilizer‚ light exposure‚ temperature of the room‚ consistency of following watering (watering the plant same time every

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  • Plant Adaptation

    Plant Adaptation Investigation Observations Samples of plants were obtained during the campus tour. In order survive in the harsh climate of deserts‚ plants must adapt in function‚ reproduction‚ support‚ and defense. Although plants on campus are watered frequently‚ they live in a mostly xeric environment. Three types of cacti were observed: organ pipe‚ prickly pear‚ and saguaro. The organ pipe contains no leaves and has narrow stems that carry out photosynthesis and store water. Neither the

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  • Plant and Lemurs

    percent of animal life lives in the trees. It is filled with lakes‚ river‚ swamps and a wide variety of different terrain. There is an overabundance of green plant life that strives on the heavy rains received each year. The forest floor is full of nutrients which the large tree strive on giving the canopy effects and which houses so much plant and animal life. 2. What changes happening in Madagascar are posing challenges for lemurs? Give details about the sources‚ time scale‚ and types of change

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  • Plant and Deforestation

    deforestation keeps on happening? I strongly believe that we need to stop deforestation before it is too late‚ or else we‚ humans‚ will suffer a lot from it. It has been told that forests are our world lungs. As many of us have known‚ every green plant can do photosynthesis‚ a process of producing oxygen from carbon dioxide. If deforestation keeps on happening‚ our oxygen supply will also deplete. That’s one thing I can guarantee. It means that we won’t have enough air to breathe with and it will

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  • A Plant Will Grow

    Science-104 Question: Does different types of water affect how high a plant will grow? Golden pothos‚ also known as devil’s ivy‚ is an ideal houseplant; it’s attractive‚ hardy‚ tolerant of many lighting conditions but fond of low light‚ fast-growing‚ pest-repellent‚ safe around children and pets‚ and almost impossible to kill. The golden pothos vine is one of the most popular and dependable houseplants available today. These plants grow to giant proportions in their native habitats. Their mature

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