ASU BIO 100 Exam 4 Practice Questions

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ASU BIO 100 Exam 4 Practice Questions
1. Because of evolutionary descent, many species share characteristics with other species to which they are related. Indeed, according to evolutionary theory, all living species are descended from some common ancestor in the ancient past. What evidence supports this conclusion that ALL living species are related to each other?

Shared traits in the fossil record; Genetic Code; DNA Structure of all living organisms 2. For some time, Russian prisons have been running on drastically reduced budgets. As a result, when inmates contracted tuberculosis (TB is caused by an infection of the lungs by a particular bacteria species), treatment with antibiotics was often halted before all TB bacteria had been killed by the antibiotics in an infected prisoner. It is now observed that strains of antibiotic resistant TB have appeared in the Russian prison population. Such strains have now reached the United States when freed prisoners have emigrated. What might provide a scientifically valid explanation for the appearance of antibiotic-resistant TB?

The antibiotics will attack the non-resistant bacterias first then the resistant bacterias will be killed off second,the resistant allele gets passed down to the next generation if not killed off properly; this is an example of natural selection; there has to be variation within the population. 3. Many flowers attract numerous species and types of pollinators (generalist), but others attract only a single species or type of pollinator (specialist). Hypothesize (A) under what conditions generalist-pollinated flowers should evolve and (B) under what conditions specialist-pollinated flowers should evolve.

Generalists use many different resources;
specialists use specific resources, a particular type of pollinator.
Generalists have more competition between species for the same resource;
Specialists have little competition.
Generalists are more flexible when it comes to changing environments/ conditions.
Specialists have little flexibility because they depend so much on one pollinator or changing their resource.
A stable /unchanging environment a specialists would do good because it has little competition for the resources it needs.
Changing environments that are less stable are going to give rise to generalists 4. Attention deficit hyperactive Disease (ADHD) is the most common behavioral disorder in children, in North American perhaps afflicting 5% of all children. These children act before they think, blurt out answers in school, and are unable to wait their turn or play by the rules. Half of these children continue these symptoms into adulthood. The cause of the deficit is in the frontal lobe of the brain, and ADHD is inherited. ADHD has been around for thousands of years, but it is much more common in the USA, Canada and Australia than in Europe, Asia or Africa. Airplane pilots, however, in any country are much more likely to have ADHD than non-pilots. What hypothesis most logically explains this unusual geographical and occupational distribution of ADHD?

Europe, Asia, and Africa humans have lived the longest compared to the other countries
Pilots have this because are overwhelmed because of the constant multitasking; also they have to have quick reflexes, make decisions quickly and think instinctively
It is advantageous to have a pilot think quickly in this type of occupation
People that migrated from these older places might have been risk takers which cause them to move to these new foreign lands that were unknown. 5. The Phoenix Zoo kept the only remaining population of Arabian Oryx for ten years in captivity. Finally, when the captive population was high enough and the habitat was better protected in Arabia, some of these Oryx were shipped back to Arabia and released into the wild. In the wild most of the newly released Oryx died of starvation, overheating or were killed by predators....
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