What Is Flora and Fauna?

Topics: Organism, Species, Natural environment Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: October 9, 2011
When people talk about flora and fauna, they are actually referring to plants and wildlife. The plants and the wildlife that are native to a particular geographical region is also called as that particular region’s flora and fauna. Both flora and fauna are collective terms because these words always refer to the collection of plants and wildlife that are in a particular environment in a specific region or time period. The word “flora” has a latin origin and actually refers to the goddess off flowers Flora. The term flora can be used to refer to a group of plants, or it can also be used in referring to a discussion regarding a group of plants. Additionally, bacteria can also be referred to as flora. The word floral has its roots on the term flora. The term fauna refers to animals or the classification of animals that are found in a region or a certain time period or on a particular environment. The word “fauna” also has its origins in Latin. According to Roman mythology, Fauna was the sister of Faunus, who is a benevolent spirit found in forests and plains. When discussing or explaining the flora and fauna that live in a certain region or part of the world from a biological perspective, the genus and the species of the animals and plants are usually given. Also given are such factors or elements like the breeding habits and growing preferences, and their relationship or connections to each other based on their environment. Aside from the usual geographical grouping, flora and fauna can also be classified by the environment they live in.
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