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  • Glucose Homeostasis

    Glucose homeostasis The fed state Presentation copyright © 2007 David A Bender The central nervous system is very largely reliant on glucose as its metabolic fuel; it cannot oxidise fatty acids (but can metabolise ketone bodies in prolonged starvation) glycogen Red blood cells are absolutely reliant on glucose; they have no mitochondria and form ATP only by anaerobic glycolysis triacyglycerol protein glucose triacylglycerol in VLDL triacylglycerol in chylomicrons amino

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  • Glucose Oxidase

    Glucose Oxidase and Its Various Uses Aaron Truong Since glucose oxidase has an end product called hydrogen peroxide‚ which is a harmful substance to bacteria‚ it can be used to fight bacteria‚ or sterilize objects (can have various uses such as in hand sanitizers‚ toothpaste‚ soap‚ etc)‚ not just biosensors. Another key part in the reaction would be C6H12O6‚ or glucose. Glucose oxidase can be applied to diabetics as mentioned earlier‚ as biosensors work by "keeping track of the

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  • Glucose and Carbohydrates

    complex carbohydrates include vegetables‚ whole grains‚ peas‚ pasta‚ potatoes and beans. Carbohydrates are the main source of glucose‚ which is a major fuel for all of the body’s cells and the only source of energy for the brain and red cells. Except for fiber‚ which cannot be digested‚ both simple and complex carbohydrates are converted into glucose. The glucose is then either used directly to provide energy for the body‚ or stored in the liver for future use. When a person consumes more

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  • Glucose and Cellular Respiration

    evolved than MgSO₄. In the second set-up‚ six Smith fermentation tubes were used each containing different 15mL solution (starch‚ lactose‚ sucrose‚ glucose‚ fructose or distilled H₂O). the tubes were then added with 15 mL distilled H2O and 15 mL 10% yeast suspension. Here‚ results show that fructose had the highest rate of respiration followed by glucose‚ sucrose‚ lactose‚ starch and H₂O. Thus‚ simpler substrate would mean higher rate of respiration. INTRODUCTION We all need life to survive. Life

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  • Glucose Tap Water

    You just reviewed type of carbohydrates.  Glucose is a simple sugar called a monosaccharide ‚ whereas starch contains compound carbon chains and is a polysaccharide . 5. Polysaccharides are formed by a dehydration synthesis reaction between monosaccharides.  What does this mean? Water molecules are removed from the bond. 6. For each of the following tests‚ please circle which substance would give a positive result: a. Benedict’s test -     glucose    tap water    oil (lipid))    starch   

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  • Sucrose And Glucose Research Paper

    Question How do digestive enzymes convert sucrose and lactose into glucose? II. Background Research Do you enjoy eating smoothies packed full of berries and other tasty fruits? This paper is going to discuss how digestive enzymes convert sucrose and lactose into glucose. The following terms will discuss; Sucrose‚ Glucose‚ Lactose and Digestive Enzymes. Sugar is any of a class of crystalline carbohydrates such as sucrose‚ glucose‚ or lactose‚ that dissolves in water and have a characteristic sweet

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  • Carbohydrates: Glucose and Taste Threshold

    Solubility of Carbohydrates ‚ Glucose ‚ Galactose and Lactose . Objective : To determine the relative solubility of glucose ‚ galactose and lactose by measuring their saturation point at the same constant temperature. Principle : With 10g distilled water contained in a beaker ‚ then add small quantities of the carbohydrate being test at a time with constant stirring until no more can dissolve ‚ saturation point is represented at r.t.p.. Test the carbohydrates ‚ glucose ‚ galactose and lactose

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  • Glucose And Starch Lab Report

    experiment was conducted using glucose and starch solution inside the dialysis tube. The starch and glucose that was put inside the dialysis tube help identify which of the two will reacted with potassium iodide inside the breaker‚ as the latter passed from the beaker into the tube‚ the glucose/starch solution’s change of color showed that the potassium iodide was small enough that it able to pass through from the solution and into the bag. After the Benedict test‚ glucose from the bag was also founded

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  • Determining the glucose concentration in Sprite

    Partners: Sunniva & Bayu Determining the concentration of glucose of 7UP Glucose solutions prepared as follows:- In each case 250.0 cm3 volumetric flasks used Concentration (%) Mass/g 4.00 10.00 8.00 20.00 12.0 30.00 16.0 40.00 20.0 50.00 Table: 1- Recording of concentration‚ volume‚ and qualitative observations of various solute/solvent/solution used during the experiment. Name Concentration (%) Volume (ml) Qualitative Observations Glucose (C6H12O6) 5 different types: 4%‚8%‚12%‚16%‚20% 5.0 ± 0.1

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  • Chemistry: Glucose and Sports Drinks

    involving the appearance of NADPH. Sucrose and glucose concentrations were calculated from the concentration of NADPH formed by the reaction of glucose-6-phosphate and NADP+. Spectrophotometric absorbance readings were taken at 340nm‚ this is because NADPH absorbs strongly at this wavelength‚ whilst NADP+ does not (1015MSC‚ 2010). The concentration of glucose and sucrose in Powerade was found to be 0.43g/100mL and 7.36g/100mL‚ whereas the concentration of glucose and sucrose in Gatorade was found to be

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