Generic Biology: Multiple Choice Questions

Topics: Genetics, Allele, Gene Pages: 4 (1706 words) Published: October 29, 2014

________ is the most common type of fetal testing.
A chromosomal aberration in which part of a chromosome is lost is known as ________. deletion
A female infant is born with several hundred oocytes, each one genetically unique. This is due to ________. independent assortment and random crossover
An allele that can be masked or suppressed by another allele is said to be __________.Recessive A couple whose blood types are A (IAi) and B (IBi) may have a child with which of the following blood types? A, B, AB, or O

Amy's hand was exposed to X rays. A gene in a skin cell of her hand mutated. This mutant gene will ________. replicate itself when the cell divides but will not be passed on to Amy's offspring An example of multiple-allele inheritance is ________. the ABO blood group An individual who is heterozygous for a particular trait, yet expresses both alleles of that trait, is an example of ________.incomplete dominance An organism with three pairs of homologous chromosomes statistically could produce __________ different gametes strictly on the basis of independent assortment. 8 A woman has blond hair and brown eyes. This statement is best described as indicating ________.phenotypeBoth of Jason's parents are homozygous dominant for tall. Jason has inherited the homozygous dominant trait for tallness. Jason, however, is quite short. Which of the following could explain why Jason is short? effect of the environment on gene expression

Dominant alleles are so called because under most circumstances they ________. suppress the expression of other alleles
For which of the following are newborn infants not routinely screened at birth? color blindness
Gene mutations in the sex chromosomes of the human would tend to become visibly expressed ________. more frequently in males
Genes on the same chromosome are said to be __________.Linked How many chromosomes are in a diploid human cell?46
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