Genetics: Practice Test Questions

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Practice Questions for FALL FINAL Biology (Ms. Kennedy): REVISED DECEMBER 2010 KEY

Note: These are a few sample questions that you can work through for more practice with genetics and experimental design. You should also review the evolution and experimental design quizzes and exams. These questions do NOT cover all of the material covered this semester. Completion of these questions alone will not be sufficient preparation for the final exam.

Use the diagram below for #1: The arrangement of chromosomes in the diagram below is known as a karyotype.


If the chromosomes of a female were arranged like the chromosomes of this male, which of the following would be true when the two karyotypes were compared? They would be identical (contain the same number and types of chromosomes) The karyotype of the male would contain one additional chromosome The karyotype of the female would contain one-half the number of chromosomes Karyotypes would appear different for one chromosome pair

Certain insects resemble the bark of the trees on which they live. Which statement provides a possible biological explanation for this resemblance? The insects needed camouflage so they developed protective coloration. Natural selection played a role in the development of this protective coloration. The lack of mutations resulted in the protective coloration. The trees caused mutations in the insects that resulted in protective coloration.

An experiment was carried out to determine whether drinking caffeinated soda increases pulse rate. The pulse rates of two groups of people at rest were measured. Group A was then given caffeinated soda and group B was given caffeine-free soda. One hour after drinking the soda, the pulse rates were measured. The participants in the experiment were all the same age, and they were all given the same amount of soda. The dependent variable in this experiment is the

Type of soda given to each group
Amount of soda given to each group
Pulse rate of each group
Age of participants in each group

A student conducted an experiment to determine if listening to different types of music would affect pulse rate. She thought that pulse rate would change with different types of music. Each person participating in her experiment listened to seven different selection of music for 30 seconds each. The pulse rates were taken after each 30-second interval of music. Based on her experiment, the student concluded that a person’s pulse rate changed when listening to different types of music. The component missing from this experiment is a Prediction

Control group (SOC)
Research plan
The pedigree of Seattle Slew, a racehorse considered by some to be one of the fastest horses that ever lived, includes very fast horses on both his mother’s side and his father’s side. Seattle Slew most likely was a result of Environmental selection

Artificial alteration of DNA molecules
Selective breeding
A sudden mutation

Which statement is best supported by the theory of evolution? Genetic alterations occur every time cell reproduction occurs. The fossil record provides samples of every organism that ever lived. Populations that have advantageous characteristics will increase in number. Few organisms survive when the environment remains the same

A species that lacks the variation necessary to adapt to a changing environment is more likely to Develop many mutated cells
Become extinct over time
Begin to acquire mutations that allow it best respond to changes in environment Develop resistance to diseases

8. Three days after an organism eats some meat, many of the organic molecules originally contained in the meat would be found in newly formed molecules of ProteinB. Amino AcidsC. DNAD. Fats

If 15% of a DNA sample is made up of thymine, T, what percentage of the sample is made up of cytosine, C? 15% B. 70%C. 35% b/c 30% = A&T than 70% = C&GD. 85%

Which statement...
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