SOC chapter 10

Topics: Sexism, Gender, Feminism Pages: 2 (313 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Pre-test: Chapter 10
1. The term for the unequal access to power, prestige, and property based on a person's sex is ________. A. sex typing
B. sexual harassment
C. gender stratification
D. matriarchy
2. While the notion of gender refers to sociological characteristics, the concept of sex refers to ________ A. psychological
B. biological
C. philosophical
D. anthropological
3. What is the normal chromosome configuration for a male?
A.  XY
B.  XX
4. Who proposed the concept that women are better prepared biologically for “mothering” than men, which is overlaid with culture? A. Cynthia Fuchs Epstein
B. Margaret Mead
C.  Alice Rossi
D.  Rebecca Ann Wilson
5. What is the philosophy that biology is not destiny, especially with regard to justifying gender stratification? A. symbolic interactionism
B. exchange theory
C. neo-Marxism
D. feminism
6. The first wave of the women's movement had a radical branch and a conservative branch. What was the goal of the radical branch of the movement? A. campaigning to pass an Equal Rights Amendment

B. winning the right to vote for women
C. reforming all the institutions of society
D. changing women's work roles
7. In 1890, women made up about  ________ of the U.S. labor force. Today, they represent almost ________. A.  0; 35
B. 10; 35
C. 15; 40
D. 20; 50

8. When many students graduate from college, they are able to earn an extra $1,465 a month between the ages of 25 and 65. These students manage to earn this bonus by ________

A. majoring in business
B. being born male
C. joining an influential fraternity/sorority
D. majoring in medicine
9. What is the term for gender discrimination against women who miss the work experience while they care for children at home?  A. the child penalty
B. the devaluation of women
C. the glass ceiling
D. the glass escalator
10. What term refers to the maximum length of life that is possible for a species? A. life expectancy...
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