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Benefits of Using Ashford Library
Joseph Mbugua
Ashford University
Computer Literacy
Christopher Newcomb
March 29, 2015
Benefits of Using Ashford Library
As a college student there are certain things you are expected to know. Research can be compared to ingredients in cooking, without the correct ingredients one doesn’t perfect meal. The same goes for when writing a paper. One must have the proper research for the paper to be appeal to the audience. In order to do research, brainstorming must happen. A source is required to properly cite the collected research. In this informative essay, scholarly and popular publications will be discussed. First, scholarly sources can be found in Ashford library through the home page. The University of British Columbia defines scholarly sources as content that is written by experts in a particular field of study. Scholarly work will thoroughly cite all source materials used and is subject to peer review. This is to ensure levels of expertise are applied to compiled information. For instance, if I were to write about procedures in the logistics fields I would have my peers such as higher-ranking individuals who are experienced in Logistics, review the finished product before submitting or publishing. Scholarly sources are also based on original research or intellectually inquiry. All in all, scholarly resources are most valid and reliable. On the other hand, popular sources are more commonly used than scholarly sources. They aim to inform a wide array of readers in a much more informal tone. I would say this would be considered general information compared to scholarly resources. Also this information isn’t necessarily accurate some of the information is based off opinions and views from individuals that have no background knowledge on the topic. Searching for information on the Ashford University Library requires tact and a bit of understanding. Keywords are critical when using the Library you...

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