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BSA /375

Final paper of SR-rm-004

Analyze HR System

Riordan Manufacturing is a company looking to upgrade their HR System. Their HR System is out of date and needs to improve its usefulness and effectiveness. Based on the Service Request SR-rm-004, this paper will prepare and describe information-gathering techniques and design methods for the Riordan Manufacturing HR System project. This paper will also identify key factors that will help ensure information for the project is gathered. The paper will also explain the scope and feasibility of the project. Finally, this paper will design and implement a new HR system for Riordan Manufacturing.

Information-gathering techniques

Information-gathering techniques are one of many important roles that will help with Riordan Manufacturing HR System. Gathering information from sources must be reliable and valid for the project. In addition, the information must relate to the project and fulfill the requirements as well.

For the current project of collecting information, several techniques will be used for the project. The techniques on gathering information will be from surveys/questionnaires and interviews. The information will be gathered from individuals that work in the HR Department. This will help the project to indentify the HR system, how effective it operates and how it functions within the organization. Gathering information from the HR Department will help identify what will work best for the HR System.

The information that comes from individuals will need to be from people who work in the HR department. Information collected from individuals who work outside the HR department can sometimes give false information and result in a project failure or errors that will occur in the new system.

Other sources that will be used when gathering information will be books, journals, articles, and experts. These sources can assist the project by gathering information from the Internet, which helps to complete the project on time and reduces cost. Another aspect would be gathering information and collaboration and brainstorming with experts. Collaboration and brainstorming helps create ideas and gathers information about the subject for the project. This part of gathering information will be from people who are experienced in the field and are experts about creating an HR System. The individuals that will be working on this project will also research the type of software and hardware that will be used to determine what is best for the project.

Information gathering design

The design aspect when gathering information will be organized accordingly to the project. The project will examine the current HR System for their functional effectiveness. Once the current HR System has been examined, the information will determine what needs to be improved. Another part of the project will be gathering information that relates directly to the outcome of the project.

The first parts of gathering information that will be used in the project are identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques that will be used. As soon as the techniques have been identified, the best techniques will be used accordingly. The next step will be using the techniques that fit best to gather the proper information. Then the information will be analyzed to see if it is compatible for the project. Once the information is analyzed, then the most effective information will be used to complete the project. The information needs to be valid, accurate, precise, and reliable. These factors are crucial concerning gathering information because it helps obtain the correct information about the subject.

After gathering information for the design of the project, it has been determined that the Riordan manufacturing will be adding software to its HR system and will be upgrading its current hardware because of its lack of...

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