Assignment 204 Task A

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Assignment 204
Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care
Describe in your own words what is meant by the following types of abuse:
Physical abuse: Physical abuse is when an individual is being physically harmed by the people who are responsible for their care
Signs and symptoms of physical abuse: Unexplained bruising, cuts or burns. Unexplained injuries and falls. Restraining someone inappropriately without a reason. Malnutrition, ulcers, bed sore and being left in wet clothing. Inappropriate sanctions including deprivation of food, clothing, warmth and health care needs.
Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse can be different types of abuse whether it’s sexual activities and the individual cannot consent to it and have been forced into it or whether it’s in a relationship. Sexual assault, rape and harassment are also types of sexual abuse. Risk of exploitation.
Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse: Unexplained injuries to genitals. Inappropriate touching or use of sexualised language or behaviour. Withdrawal and isolate themselves away from others. Sexual transmitted disease or pregnancy especially when the individual hasn’t or cannot give consent to sexual acts.
Emotional/Psychological abuse: Emotional/Psychological abuse is when someone is causing emotional and mental distress to an individual.
Signs and symptoms of emotional/psychological abuse: withdrawal and isolating themselves from social activities. Obsessive compulsive behaviour. Intimidation. Verbal abuse or depriving them of contact with other people. Loss of skills or abilities. Fearfulness and loss of self-esteem. Anxiety.
Financial abuse: Financial abuse is something that can affect the welfare and wellbeing of an individual.
Signs and symptoms of financial abuse: Exploitation or pressuring someone to make a will including property and possessions. Unexplained ability to pay bills. Unexplained withdrawal of money. Disparity between assets and satisfactory living conditions. Missing

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