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Topics: Learning, Skill, Future Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Topic: Should student take a part – time jobs when they are studying at the university? Outline:
*Introduction: Nowadays, numbers of students in Vietnam take a part – time job is in high percentage. In my opinion, students taking a part – time job have some advantages: resolve their financial problems, show their self – motivated and they can improve many skills. *The body: The advantages of taking a part – time job:

- Resolve the financial problems:
+ Help their parents about financial matter
+ Have an additional amount to any cost
+ Ensure long – term learning process
- Show their self - motivated:
+ Enthusiasm of youth
+ Adapt themselves to new circumstances
+ They have creative power
- Improve many skills:
+ Foreign language
+ Occupational skills
+ Lifestyle skills
*Conclusion: By taking a part – time job, students can learn more about life and work. By this way, they will get more achievements in studying or in their career.

Nowadays, the numbers of student in our country take a part – time job is in high percentage. They realized that taking a part – time job is a good choice while they are still studying at university. I agree with almost student opinion that there are too many advantages the job could bring: resolve their financial problems, show theirs self – starter and they can improve many skill.

Student taking a part – time job can resolve their financial problems. This is necessary for students who live in some small province. Student take an overtime work can help their parents too much. In some family, although their parents have to work hard but they still have too many difficulties, they cannot fully support them to follow study in university. In other hand, student will get an additional amount for daily spend while they are working overtime. They can pay for the bus ticket, the meals and other miscellaneous expenses. If a student has a good part – time job, they will get a high salary. This mean they can...
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