Part Time Jobs

Topics: Full-time, Future, Part-time Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: May 26, 2013
The existence of part time jobs for high school students would be detrimental for their academic achievements and futures. All over the world, high school students who are in full time education also do part time jobs for money. Part time jobs mainly would harm students’ school work and future. School work should be their priority, as they should aim to get the good grades needed for university, college and future careers. However, part time jobs would lack their academic achievement and students would often lose their intention their future and focus out of their school work, as their mind is set towards their part time job. As students come from school out of their busy schedules at work, students are too fatigue to have any time for school work and studying for tests or exams. As a result of this, students would not pay attention in class and end up failing. If students fail because of part time jobs, it would be a big threat to their futures. In this big world, education in whatever field is the only thing which can make a person’s life successful. Without that glorious gift, the lives of many are at stake, and especially high school students should take advantage of it while it is available. Without getting high grades and entering university or college, that soul would regret working at a low paying part time job, where that very student could have went on with his or her education and became a successful person in whatever industry. Without an education, nobody can do anything to succeed in this world! Whereas a small thing like part time jobs can lead to something big in the future. At first, getting low grades and not going to college or university may seem as no big deal; however it would create a big impact in these futures for the negative part. All of this would start off because of the not enough time to do school work and succeed in school. In conclusion, part time jobs can have a harmful impact on the futures of high school students.

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