After School Jobs Essay

Topics: Learning, Education, Minimum wage Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: October 10, 2010
There are many different things that students can do when classes are done. Some play sports and therefore have practice or games after school. Others may enjoy hanging out or going places with their friends. There is an endless amount of choices for students to do after school. One of those choices includes getting a job. Jobs are good because they teach good life lessons, give students extra money, and help transition high school students into life as an adult.

After school jobs teach lessons that can’t be learned in a classroom. In a job you have to work with other people to ensure that the business is successful. You learn things like teamwork, determination, and other good people skills. These characteristics are similar to that of a good sports team. Everyone has to pitch in and do their part in order for the business to have success. School may give you career skills, but after school jobs give you life skills.

Most students work jobs so that they have money to do things that they want to. Normally students who work don’t make more than minimum wage. In some families though, this money may be needed to help support the needs of the family. Whether for family purposes or just for a little extra cash, these jobs help create a positive experience for the student.

With more money comes more responsibility. Having a job after school is a way to help teenagers transition into adults. As high school students are growing older, they are learning to become less dependent on their parents. Having a small job helps them get a taste of what it’s like in the working world. They now have to make choices on where to spend their money.

After school jobs are of the utmost importance to transition high school students into adults. It is a key learning experience in which they will learn team skills along with the task of spending the money they make on things that are important to them. Jobs take up no more time than sports, giving students time to do homework and...
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