Benefits of part time job

Topics: Full-time, Cost, Part-time Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: November 28, 2013
“Nhi left home to Saigon to college. Her spendings depend entirely on the salary of her mother a poor teacher. Each month her mother sent 300,000 Vietnam dong, meal money, motorbike money, enough for a small-town student like her felt happy and lived through the first year of student life. The second year, despite she try to live economically by fasting morning , fasting coffee and she always get away from all the birthday parties of friends but her expenses more and more, and so these phone calls home also start much more . The money sent by her mother also becomes less regularly. She started to feel miserable, hopeless, self-pity. Although she was used to living in a poor family scene and predefined difficulties about money when she went to college. To send her money every month, her parents and her younger sisters have to fast many meals with meat, fish, but the fact that 300,000 is now no longer enough for her to enjoy student life in one month. Once she was back home, she saw a scene my mother and two younger sisters were sweeping, cleaning toilets for a company to make more money for me to go to school. I decided to go to work. She finds a part time job, any job that she can earn money... She accepts to go to work, though she is not interested in it. I'm afraid this work will take time for learning and homework. To her, learning is the most important, it is the shortest and fastest way to help her move toward a brighter future. She goes to work with the goal of making money to pay the school fees and daily activities. If inadvertently this job which made her distracted to learning, it's not meaningful anymore. Therefore she thinks carefully before I decide to work. And I should also arrange between learning and working..." Especially in times of " price escalate" today, the income by working part-time will help you cover part of the cost of daily life. Furthermore, when in college, free time will much more. Doing part time job, means we took advantage...
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