Pro and Contra Student Work

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UKM: Although PTPTN loans or scholarships have been awarded, but so the price increases and cost of living are higher indeed inadequate. Therefore, they began looking at ways to overcome the financial difficulties experienced by them.

According to the fourth edition of the chambers dictionary, the word "Temporary Works" means work done while normal work or other regular work. For a student, their main task is to learn and focus their attention on academic aspects, while working part-time at leisure intended to supplement pocket money or looking for work experience.

If seen from the positive side, working part-time as to train students to become independent. Desire to work comes from themselves masing.Bagi some students they do not want to burden their parents with problems faced by them. Thus they take their own initiative to work part-time in order to reduce the financial burden of their parents.

In addition, part-time work can increase revenue or give incomekepada students. With the availability of this income from part-time work, to some extent they are able to buy all the equipment needed or whether an item needs to meet themselves.

Worked part-time for those who hold student status is indeed a big challenge. Both in terms of time or energy. Time constraints for a student is a challenge indeed. They need to complete assignments given by lecturers and review the lecture notes given in preparation for the final test of the semester and at the same time they have to work part-time to cover their living costs.

Furthermore, the study work is also very tiring. Family life far from their need to do it all alone. Starting from toiletries, food, drink and everything should be done independently.

However, every single thing that we do indeed have its own pros and contrast and need our wisdom in finding a solution.

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