Intention to quit the job for University students in Macau

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Research Proposal
Intension for The University Students to Quit The Part-time Jobs MGMT331

Group member:
Ceci Kuan BB102469
Sally Wong BB101302
Jane Qiu BB104532
Winnie Ao Ieong BB100453
Vanessa He BB101737
Vicki Iao BB101993
Matthew Fung BB102981
Kayla Fu BB101821
Intension for the University Students to Quit the Part -Time Jobs In these recent years, the economy in Macau is going very fast and rapid. And because of this prosperous phenomenon, some of the sectors such as tourism, hospitality, event and the retail sectors are well- developed and requires a lot of labor forces, especially the retail sectors. So that the part-time jobs become a very hot topic to the company, as it is more beneficial to the entrepreneurs as they are less responsible for the employees’ welfare. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are seeking for this opportunity to hire more part time job workers as well as the students are finding their part time jobs to earn more money. But meanwhile, there are still many companies find that it is difficult to maintain part-time workers as the intension for students to quit the part -time job is quite high. Therefore, we would like to know how salary, flexibility, time spent and psychology involvement associate with their job satisfaction, and to test how family importance will influence them to quit the job, as well as to provides some solutions for the company to improve this situation. Problem Statement

To what extent do the salary flexibility, time spent, psychological involvement and family importance will influence the university students to quit the part-time jobs. Literature Review
Since the increasing number and benefit of part time job, the part-time job became a popular topic these days, Many organizations around the world are turning to part-time workers to replace full-time workers (Grensing-Pophal, 2007; Gurchiek, 2009; Maher, 2008; Noel & Tomoko, 2007) such as McDonald’s, so many scholars have concerned about this topic. Part-time job has a little different of full-time job, some studies finding that employees expect part-time job can involve more flexibility in the scheduling of their roles outside work and suggesting that time spent and flexibility may be more important in predicting work role involvement than job attitudes1. Other studies show that the organizational commitment also has influence of a job (Porter, Steers, Mowday, & Boulian, 1974), also role involvement (Werbel, 1985), job satisfaction (eg. Miller & Terborg, 1979; Peters, Jackofsky, & Slater, 1981; Steffy & Jones, 1990), and time spent. Some researches even clamied that the time spent is the sole determinant of inclusion in the workplace (Barling and Gallagher, 1996). At the same time, many scholars find out that the job satisfaction of part-time job is related to the job discrepancies (e.g. Kristof-Brown et al. 2005; Lawler 1973; Locke 1976; Wooden et al. 2009). Furthermore, some scholars put family importance into the part-time job area and the Identity theory (Ashforth 2001; Burke 1980; Stryker 1968) suggests that family importance may influences the significance of job characteristics and hence moderates the part-time employment on job satisfaction.2 The intention to quit is a mixed result which is not only caused by the external reasons, but also some internal reasons, such as psychological involvement, are likely to affect role involvement. Studies also showed that part-time job employees have more psychological involvement. There are also many other factors have been researched by many scholars, we only focus on some major and common factors mentioned by previous studies, including time spent on, flexibility of, and psychological involvement in, roles outside work to predict differences in work role involvement, attitudes and turnover intentions.

Theoretical Framework
Diagram of model:

Since many reasons can cause a quit, so we select four most...
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