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Part-time job

By ttpp Oct 21, 2013 253 Words
 Part time jobs are under a pre-determined amount of hours set by an employer, or less in a given week. Many people argue that those should not do part time job because their main duty is studying. In my opinion, university student should take up the part time jobs.

Firstly, university students taking a part-time job can get more experience for their future job. The ability to respond to many kinds of circumstances is really important in any job, and taking a job when people are young turns them into skillful employees. For example Student also can learn the method of managing and controlling the whole business from their bosses.

Furthermore, when doing a part-time job, university students can earn money by their own. University students usually spend their parents’ money, they do not have to work hard so they hardly know its value. They will sure find how difficult to earn money. Some people claim that university students' study is affected by working part time. This problem can be solved if student have a suitable timetable. If student decide to work part time, must be arrange timetable to balance between studying and working. In contrast, university students also can learn to manage time best.

In conclusion, university student should have a part-time job because this can get more experience from working and can earn money by their own .A part-time job, which is familiar and common for the young, can be an ideal option to welcome them to the adult life effectively.

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