Apple And Samsung: A Comparison Of Apple Vs. Samsung
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With our technology nowadays getting better and better there is an ongoing of debate about who is better: Apple or Samsung. They are both great brands, but I can say that many more people would rather have an Apple device over a Samsung especially when it comes to the phone they have. Now, I know some people would completely disagree with the points that I have, but this is what other people are saying and I would have to agree with a few of them because personally I prefer Apple over Samsung. I do know that there are those who would have Samsung over Apple or vice versa, but when thinking about this topic you should think with an open mind instead of just thinking: no this brand is better.
To start I will talk about Apple. Many people prefer
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Now yes, Samsung may not have as good as quality camera, or the best screen resolution, but many people prefer Samsung because the phone lasts longer than an iPhone. It is said that Samsung phones can last up to three years, where an iPhone only last you about twenty-four months, or the phone will get bad when your contract is almost up. The main reason a Samsung can last for so long is because it has the feature of a removable back. With the phone being able to be taken apart this means that if needed people can replace the battery instead of buying a new phone all the time. Many people would rather be able to change the battery rather than having an iPhone where the main thing you have to do is buy a new phone. Another feature people like about Samsung is that when you are out of storage you can put in a new SD card and have more store, with an iPhone this is a feature that you are unable to have because the phone does not have this easy access. The next feature might not matter to many people but if you are looking for security it might affect you. Samsung has more passcode options which make people feel as if their phone is more protected from people getting in it. The last main reason people prefer Samsung is because the phone is a little more durable than an iPhone (besides the fact that Samsung devices are blowing

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