Iphone vs Android Showdown

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, IPhone Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: May 4, 2011
In this the era of technology it would seem choosing a Smartphone should be an easy decision, but in fact it is not. One of the reason we have such difficulty choosing a Smartphone is because there are several to pick from. Second our life styles determines which best suit our needs. I took this opportunity to ask a couple of my friends to let me borrow their Smartphone’s for a few hours so, I could make a comparison between the Android by Google and the iPhone by Apple. Now many comparisons have been made between iPhone and Android, most of them biased towards one or the other. Android and iPhone are both great phones and essentially computers that you can put in your pocket.

I was able to pick up the iPhone and quickly, easily understand what’s going on. It's got one main button on the front of the device, and everything you do consists of tapping app icons from the home screen. However, the Android had several buttons on the front of the device that perform a variety of functions, and once I unlock the screen, I was confronted with many different possible home screens and ways of doing things from those home screens. Both the iPhone and the Android come equipped with state of the art cameras and video cameras. While the Android boosts a 3.2 megapixel camera, the latest iPhone has some handy editing and sharing features built right into the phone.

Apple has taken battery life extremely seriously in their careful development of the iPhone, and it really shows. While Android devices get a kitchen-sink's worth of features that you may consider to be a fair tradeoff for battery life, there's little question that the iPhone's battery life outlasts that of battery performance from Android device. A function I felt I can’t seem to live without is the ability to text message people and nearly every text field on Android device can be filled with a few words from my mouth. This function is really awesome, because I could respond to emails by voice, or even send...
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