Apple vs. Microsoft - Comparative Essay

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14 October 2012
Apple vs. Microsoft
The question can quite often spark tension between people: are you an Apple or Microsoft lover? Technology is a personal choice that stems down to one’s perception of what they think is innovative, creative, and efficient. Since the mid 70’s, both of these computer companies have worked continuously to make what appeals to people the most. Everyone has their own ideas as to why they prefer one to the other, and as technology continues to grow, so do the opinions of millions of people. Today both of these companies tediously strive to be successful technology pioneers.

Students need these companies’ computers to let them create and research. Businesses rely on the companies’ software to solve major projects. Let’s face it; all of us at one point or another have used a device made by either Apple or Microsoft. As our world continues to advance rapidly, we all need to have corresponding technology that allows us keep up. Both Apple and Microsoft provide the world around us with the necessary tools do to exactly that. So it shouldn’t matter which device is being used, right? However, just as the battle between Pepsi and Coke exist, so does the battle of technology. Both of these companies have pros and cons that should be noted before deciding a favorite.

A technology engineer founded Microsoft April 4th, 1975 by the name of Bill Gates. Today Microsoft is a multi-million dollar company that creates everything from computers to video games. Many gamers support Microsoft because of its ability to branch out into the gaming world. Microsoft introduced the Xbox, a highly famous game console, in November 2001. They also introduced the upgrade to the Xbox called the Xbox 360 four years later. As of 2012, over 70 million of these game consoles have been sold worldwide. Xbox also has a feature that impresses gamers: they are able to play with friends all over the world. A feature called Xbox live allows players to play online through an Internet connection. “The Xbox 360 is a truly impressive machine and shows an enormous amount of potential for the years to come. There are titles in development that seem to have the potential to be true blockbusters – and the clever use of a proprietary online marketplace opens up the possibility of innovation” (Morris). Apple has yet to invent any type of gaming device. Needless to say, Microsoft has the upper hand when it comes to gaming.

Microsoft also has immaculate software that even Apple lovers are guilty of using. It’s called Microsoft Office and it was first debuted in the late 1980’s. It was made to appeal to a wide array of computer users. Microsoft office breaks down into several different applications, but the main ones are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Each application provides a user-friendly process to ensure the user can have documents, power points, charts, graphs, and many other helpful tools. Microsoft office has become more and more popular with the growth of technology in the work place. Being proficient in this software can really boost a company’s view of the applicants’ skills. Having these extra assets can really increase a person’s chance in the work force according to one author. “When you are applying for a job you want your application to stand out from the rest. You may have a college degree and this is certainly worthwhile. However, having a Microsoft qualification is worth its weight in gold and many employers place greater emphasis on this as opposed to a college degree. This is because the qualification is more specialized to the application in question. For example you may have certification to show you are proficient in using Excel or Word” (Barnett).

Along with theses previous great accomplishments, Microsoft users are patiently awaiting the release of the new Windows 8. The new innovative software is expected to be release October 26th, 2012. Windows 8 will be...

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