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Ap Bio Final Project

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Why use Abscitrim?
The active ingredient in Abscitrim is Abscisic Acid. Abscitrim is highly concentrated form that that is potent and highly effective.

What it does:
- induces the closure in stomata to prevent transpiration and water loss - prevents fruit ripening
- promotes seed dormancy by stopping cell growth and seed germination -stops synthesis of Kinetin nucleotide
-Kinetin: cytokinin that promotes cell division
-down regulate enzymes needed for photo synthesis
-dials down growth to levels just needed for survival to prevent water loss

Where is ABA produced and how?
ABA is a naturally occurring compound in plants and is produced in the terminal bud, or top of the plant. It is synthesized in the Plastidal 2- C- Methyl- D- erythritol- 4- phsophate (MEP) Pathway. The production of ABA is accentuated by stresses such as water loss and freezing temperatures. It has a carbon backbone of C15 and is formed after carotenoids, pigments produced by the chloroplast which have 40 carbons in MEP during biosynthesis. Zeaxanthin is the first ABA precursor. The transport of ABA can occur in both xylem and phloem tissues. It can also be translocated through paranchyma cells. The movement of abscisic acid in plants does not exhibit polarity like auxins. ABA is capable of moving both up and down the stem

What is Abscisic
Acid (ABA)?
Absiscic Acid is the hormone that helps prepare plants for winter. It suspends primary and secondary growth. It also promotes drought tolerance. Abscisic Acid does not play the main role in bud dormancy or leaf abscission ( the process by which plants drop leaves in preparation for winter), but it continues to contribute.


Background and History-
It was in 1963 by Frederick Addicott when he and his associates were studying the compounds that cause abscission of cotton fruit. It was first called Abscisin II because it was thought to play a major role in the abscission of flowers. Another group headed by Philip Wareing was studying bud dormancy in woody plants and came up with the name “dormin”. Later on both scientific psychologist groups decided to call it its present name.

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Shed Leaves NOT tears!
Masaya Takahashi, Stephanie Wang, Kendall Panelli & Adele de Crespigny

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