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Ancient Rome vs Ancient Greece

By Hot-Koolaid Jun 12, 2014 762 Words
In Rome, there are three social classes, arranged according to wealth; Patricians, Plebians, and Slaves. Patricians are the upper class citizens; they are very wealthy and highly educated. They make up the majority of the senate and therefore control the laws. Plebians are the poor, lower-class citizens. They greatly outnumber the Patricians, make up most of the army, and pay most of the taxes. They are not allowed to marry Patricians or take part in government. Slaves are at the bottom of the Roman social order; they make up over 25% of Rome’s population, and are essential to its survival. Wealthy citizens often own many slaves, which they use to complete various tasks around the home. They consisted of prisoners of war, Plebians whom were in debt, or children born of slaves. Slaves often work on farms, in mills, at shops, doing city construction, or are servants. Roman writer, Seneca, believes that masters should treat their slaves well, as a well-treated slave will work better for a good master rather than just doing enough begrudgingly for someone who mistreats their slaves. Slaves can receive freedom from their masters if they come up with enough money, or are released upon the master’s death. Women are not considered equal to men. Their primary duty is to care for their family. The amount of work that they do is correlated to the amount of wealth they have, with rich women usually having servants to do most of their work. Women from lower class families have to do daily chores on their own, or assisted by daughters. This usually includes washing dishes, sweeping floors, and cooking. Rome is home to some of the finest pieces of art in the world. This includes architecture, paintings, sculptures, and mosaics. The sculpture is the most important piece of artwork, with thousands of sculptures located all over Rome. If you’re looking for entertainment, Roman citizens often gather in The Colosseum to see fights between gladiators, slaves, prisoners, and wild animals. These fights are very violent, and therefore enjoyable. They only end when the loser is dead. Chariot racing at The Hippodrome is also very popular in Rome. The Colosseum, The Pantheon, and Circus Maximus, are among some of Rome’s grandest buildings.

The Greek social structure is broken into three groups; citizens, metics, and slaves. A citizen is born of Athenian parents, and they are the most powerful group in Greece. After compulsory service in the army, they often became government officials, and took part in jury service. A metic is of foreign birth and has migrated to Athens to trade or practice craft. They must pay taxes and are sometimes required to serve in the army, despite this, they can never achieve the full rights of a citizen. This includes the ability to own houses, and the ability to speak in court. Slaves were servants and laborers without any legal rights. Slaves can be prisoners of war, or bought from slave traders. These social statuses only apply to men, as women adopt their social status from their husband. Women in Greece are not permitted to take part in public life, making it a prime destination for the whole family! Greece is the cultural centre of the world, with lesser empires like Rome adopting our styles. The sculpture is our preferred form of artistic expression, as it shows an expression of individuality, and the beauty of the human body. Phidas, Polykleitos, and Myron are three of our most prized sculptures. One of the most distinguishable art feature of Greece, are our columns. They are crafted in three different styles; Doric is the simplest of these three styles. Ionic is thinner and more elegant with a scroll-like design. Corinthian is the rarest but most elaborate column, with many complex designs; it is often decorated with acanthus leaves. In Greece, there is no shortage of entertainment. We have invented the theatre, a place in which audiences come from all around to watch comedies or tragic plays. Greece is also home to the Olympic Games, the world’s premier sport event. Held in honour of Zeus, athletes from around Greece compete in various events in front of thousands of spectators. There are also many marvellous building in Greece, such as The Parthenon, a temple overlooking Athens. The Erechtheion is a temple north of the Acropolis, dedicated to Athena and Poseidon. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a temple in the center of Athens, with enormous columns. Greece is the premier destination of the World, so why not come by?

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