Compare and Contrast Greece and Rome

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Compare & Contrast of Rome and Greece Political Developments

Roman and Greece empires governments were similar in ways but differed in others. While both Romans and Greeks started as mere city states they went off in different directions with there civilizations politically. They also both had democracies but in different forms. They each had there own way of government and had different military styles, largely because of their location, which is also why Rome was more centralized and Greece was more dispersed. However, geography did not stop both Rome and Greece from being patriarchal, and thriving.

The Romans began a republic which had a 2 consuls, a senate, assemblies, and officials. The consuls were similar to modern day presidents but stayed in office for only a year. The Senate led religious events and foreign policy. It also was in control of the revenue. Roman senate consisted of the wealthy men. The assemblies were created so the people other than the wealthy could have their say in the government. However the people in the assemblies had to be full citizen males, meaning no foreigners or slaves. Roman republic officials did have decent authority but there laws were made to ensure they did not get too much power, leaving more of it to the wealthy. Rome was also centralized, because of its location and saw many migrations and invasions, from Po River people and those in Sicily. At 44 B.C. Rome became an empire, led by an emperor, with senators, advisers, and of course the massive army. Over time, the Roman army became more and more powerful. When Romans would conquer and expand they would normally devastate that area. Eventually, Rome became a military monarchy. Rome then split its empire in two, having a emperor in the west, and another in the east.

Greece likewise, also started as city states like Rome, however Greece was more secluded, being on the Greek peninsula with mountains around so it was not centralized. The Greece city-states...
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